Ravishing Beauties Slot: It Might End Up Ravaging Your Bankroll

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Ravishing Beauties Slot: It Might End Up Ravaging Your Bankroll

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Play Free High 5 Slots in NJ

Take a trip into a deep, dark, cobweb-filled crypt and enter the realm of the Ravishing Beauties.

There is a good reason that this first word is written large in blood because these four beauties are not quite what they seem. Each has a dark alter-ego which you must overcome to win the big prize in this online slot in New Jersey.

Slickly presented with some neat graphics and animations, not to mention some intriguing features, how do these Ravishing Beauties stand up when it comes to being judged not on their looks, but as a slot?

Well, let’s take a closer look and find out.

Overview: Ravishing Beauties

Ravishing Beauties 3Set against the backdrop of a creepy, flame-lit crypt, the Ravishing Beauties slot, produced by High 5 Games, immediately reveals itself for what it is.

Four beautiful girls, but each with a deep and disturbing secret. One a vampire, one a werewolf, one a Frankenstein-type creature and the other an Egyptian mummy.

The hero of the game is charged with banishing these deadly ladies back to where they belong and he is the highest paying symbol in the game, which is somewhat odd given the title of the slot.

The base game features some nice touches including plenty of stacked symbols and wilds as well as the obligatory scatter symbol (which are a pair of lips that immediately remind you of The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

This is a 5×3 reel slot, with 40 paylines and the ability to play for up to $400 per spin, or as little as $0.01 per spin, depending on the number of paylines you have in operation on the slot and the size of the bet per line you wish to make.

An autoplay feature is also available, where you can set it to spin up to 25 times in your absence.

Who will the Ravishing Beauties slot appeal to?

The name Ravishing Beauties will certainly attract the more hot-blooded slot fans, although they may be slightly unnerved to discover these beautiful ladies have a hidden alter-ego that certainly doesn’t fit the title of the slot.

Scary, horror-themed slots are very popular with fans around the world and at New Jersey online casinos alike, and it will also appeal to players who enjoy a free spins round with an added bonus feature which could potentially be very rewarding.

Gameplay: Ravishing Beauties

The gameplay itself is generally good fun. The sound effects and the little animations on the high symbols when you land a payline are very good and bring the Ravishing Beauties 1characters to life very well.

Stacked symbols and wilds do help you land wins, but unfortunately the majority of these wins tend to be considerably smaller than your initial bet, which means that even if you see the win sign flashing, you may not actually be earning back any money.

Occasionally though you can hit a decent-sized win in the base game, which is nice, but it is also urgently needed as your cash reserves do dwindle when playing this slot.

The free spins round takes a little time to trigger and it too has some nice touches, including the Collect 2 bonus feature, which allows you to earn more free spins and also turn more symbols wild on each successive free spin.

You can get some nice payouts during free spins, but also, you can have more than a few which offer just a small payout, which again is disappointing.

Special features: Ravishing Beauties

Tombstone Wild

This is the in-game wild and helps create winning paylines in the base game by replacing all symbols apart from the in-game scatter symbol.

Stacked symbols

All five character symbols are the in-game highs and all are stacked across the reels, meaning that if you can hit the right combination, you can land some very tasty base game wins as well as much bigger wins during free spins.

Stacked wilds

In addition to the Tombstone Wild, you can also land stacked wilds across the reels in both the base game and free spins which helps create multiple winning paylines on a single spin.

Free spins and Collect 2 wild bonus

Land three or more of the lips scatter symbols across the reels and you enter the free spins round with nine free spins. However, you can trigger more free spins from within the round.

During free spins some of the symbols on the reels change and there is an additional wild. Furthermore, if you can collect two wilds pertaining to a character, this will turn their symbol wild, giving you the chance of much larger wins.

What works?

Stacked symbols and wilds

I’m not sure if there has been any research into whether games with stacked symbols and wilds allow you to win more often, but it certainly feels that way. Ravishing Beauties 2You can hit some decent wins when you land stacked symbols and particularly wilds in the right positions.

Collect 2 wild

The ability to “collect” symbols on the reels to turn additional symbols wild adds a dimension to the base game, which means that even if you don’t win cash on a spin, you can turn more symbols wild to give you a better chance of doing so on future spins.

Additional free spins

Nine free spins is about an average number when it comes to a free spins round, but Ravishing Beauties does make it easy to trigger additional free spins during the round. 

What doesn’t?

Paylines not visible

Although you can play up to 40 paylines on the slot and can configure your wager in many ways, you can’t see the 40 paylines and consequently it’s easy to think you have won on a spin, when in fact you haven’t.

Small base game wins

Once again this is a slot cursed with base game wins that actually cost you money. Too many base game wins are smaller than your initial bet, especially if you play all 40 paylines on any sized stake.

At higher stakes, that can see your bank balance dwindle quickly.

Free spins rewards

We could cope with smaller base game wins if free spins were generous, but unfortunately, it is very hit and miss. Sure, you can get a great-paying free spins round, but also you can hit very low-paying free spins that are barely 3 or 4x your total wager and that is very disappointing especially after going to the effort of landing free spins in the first place.

The scores

[wp-review id=”5324″]

Graphics and soundtrack: 3/5

I’m rather fond of the spooky sound effects and gentle soundtrack that accompany the spins on the reels, even the silence between spins is somewhat fitting, adding to the tension.

The graphics are clear, crisp, and cartoon-style and that fits the game nicely. It’s not groundbreaking stuff, but it is well done.

Originality and creativity: 2/5

The addition of the Collect 2 wild feature during free spins and stacked symbols and wilds gives this a couple of points. But to be honest the horror, scary slot genre has been done to death and there are better examples out there.

Play value: 0.5/5

I don’t know whether I played this slot on a particularly miserly day, or whether Ravishing Beauties just didn’t find me attractive, but it drained my account quicker than a vampire bite drains blood. Free spins didn’t help either.

Jackpot potential: 2/5

You can win up to 250 times your stake as the in game jackpot, which isn’t a huge amount compared to some other slots. But at higher stakes this could be a decent jackpot to chase.

Repeat play: 1/5

The beauties may be ravishing but behind the beauty there is a hard, fearsome edge and to be honest, the generally tight gaming on this slot means it isn’t one that I’ll be hitting up again any time soon.

That’s a pity because I enjoyed how it was presented and played a great deal.

Total score: 8.5/25

Beauty is indeed only skin deep when it comes to the Ravishing Beauties slot. Rather like the ladies that the slot is named after, it may look beautiful but it certainly seems out to get you.