Legends Of Troy Slot: Will This Trojan Horse Be The Downfall Of Your Bankroll?

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Don’t confuse the Legends of Troy slot with the popular Treasures of Troy. This game from Hi 5 Games offers a completely different experience.

The story is based on the legend of Troy, most famous due to the legend of its wooden horse, which Achaean troops, after a ten-year siege, managed to successfully use as a ruse to get into the city and slaughter the Trojans. It all sounds rather bloodthirsty for a casino game, but let’s see how the legend is transformed on this innovative slot.

Overview: Legends of Troy

The first thing that is immediately apparent about Legends of Troy is that it’s bigger than the usual slot game. There are six reels, each with four symbols. The low symbols are Greek Alphabet entries: alpha, beta, gamma, and so on. The characters from the story of Troy are the higher value symbols.

It’s a simple system that works well, and the characters are easy to differentiate so you can spot winning paylines. Speaking of which, there are up to 50 paylines in play (though you can play 1, 10 or 25 instead). There is also an optional feature that doubles the cost of the spin. You can turn this Scatter Bucks feature off or on depending on how much you want to wager per spin.

Who will the Legends of Troy slot appeal to?

Fans of slots involving mythology, in particular Greek mythology, will certainly love the game. The tale of Troy is immediately recognizable to many, especially when they see the wooden horse icon and with slick presentation and great visuals.

Other slot gamers will enjoy the fact that the slot has some innovative features beyond the extra reel. The Scatter Bucks option, while expensive, can make the game hugely profitable. The 50 paylines give you a good chance of hitting both small and big value wins.

Gameplay: Legends of Troy

One of the most appealing aspects of the Legends of Troy slot is that it plays very speedily. You can double-click the spin button to induce a quick end to the spin, and you can really speed up the gameplay this way, rather than using the autoplay feature.

You can play one, 10, 25, or 50 paylines per spin, but the game plays best with all 50 paylines in play and with the special selectable Scatter Bucks feature in operation.

Once you have selected your number of lines, wager size, and whether to activate Scatter Bucks, simply click on the spin button to get things moving. The six reels then spin, and the good news is that you will find that you win relatively frequently, especially when the Scatter Bucks feature is selected.

Scatter Bucks feature

Scatter Bucks are stacked wild symbols that also contain a guaranteed cash win of varying amounts. This can range from small to very large amounts (10,000 coins) per stack of wilds. If you land one or more these Scatter Buck wilds then not only do you win any paylines they generate, but you also win the guaranteed cash sum on each wild in the group.

The Scatter Buck wild size is determined partly by what reel they land on and also by a random element. Reel One sees Scatter Bucks prizes of between 25 and 100 credits. Reel Two sees that upper value increase to 500 credits. Reels Three and Four see the upper value increase to 1,000 and 2,000 credits. Finally, on Reels Five and Six, you can win between 25 and 10,000 credits.

Additional features

There is also a standard Wild symbol on the reels. It is stacked, and can help trigger multiple winning paylines on a spin. Landing more than one of the stacked wild symbols, especially on the first three reels, can trigger some of the larger base game wins. The more wilds you land, generally the better the chance you have of hitting a bigger win.

The other symbol on the reels is the scatter symbol, the famous Trojan Horse. You need to land three or more of these anywhere across the second, third, fourth and fifth reels to trigger the free spins bonus round. There, you will receive either seven free spins (if you land three scatters) or 10 if you land four.

During free spins, if you land three or more scatters during play, you will also earn an additional set of free spins up to a maximum of 105 free spins in the bonus round.

Special features: Legends of Troy

Stacked wilds

On all reels, the wild symbols can appear stacked up to four high. These can help create multiple winning paylines on a spin. Land several wild stacks across the reels and trigger some of the more valuable base game wins.

Free spins bonus

Three or four Trojan Horses across Reels Two, Three, Four, and Five will earn you either seven or 10 free spins. Free spins can be retriggered from within the bonus game and winnings can vary quite dramatically.

Scatter Bucks

The Scatter Bucks feature costs 50 coins per spin (played at 50 paylines) and is only available if 50 paylines are played. This introduces Scatter Bucks wilds across the reels, which can not only substitute for other symbols but offer a cash award simply for landing the scatter on the reel.

What works?


With a stirring soundtrack accompanying each spin and crystal-clear graphics with animations kicking into life when the high symbols form a winning payline, the presentation is excellent, especially when you trigger the free spins round.

Great mix of wins

There’s a fabulous range of wins here, especially when the Scatter Bucks feature is triggered. Not only do you get a range of wins in the base game, but also free spins. That means payouts are variable, but this has played as one of the most generous slots I’ve trialled for a long time.

Scatter Bucks

There is no doubt the Scatter Bucks feature adds greatly to the value of the game. Not only can you win up to 10,000 coins on the feature, but additional payline wins too thanks to it being a wild symbol

What doesn’t?

Variable free spins wins

One minor irritation is that you can trigger free spins but only win a relatively small amount. If you are wagering $50 per spin for example and hit free spins, taking home $300 isn’t a huge amount, especially when compared to some of the wins you can land in the base game alone.

Hard-to-hit free spins

The other issue with free spins is that they can be tricky to hit, and you do need to manage your bankroll and be patient before the three or four Trojan Horses appear across the reels.

Scatter Bucks feature is expensive

The Scatter Bucks feature doubles the value of your wager at a stroke. This is expensive, especially when the slot plays tight. That can happen too; it’s a medium variance game.

The scores

[wp-review id=”7146″]

Graphics and soundtrack: 3/5

The soundtrack is very stirring and draws you into the game superbly. The graphics are clear and the animations are well done. It isn’t a groundbreaking game, but what it does, it does well.

Originality and creativity: 4/5

The addition of a sixth reel, a fourth set of rows, and of course the Scatter Bucks feature, make this a very interesting slot to play. It is certainly packed with features you won’t find elsewhere.

Play value: 4/5

Although this is a medium variance game, when I trialled it, I enjoyed great play value. In one session, I tripled my entire bankroll in the space of a few hours. Other sessions saw me down just a few dollars or around the break-even mark. Legends of Troy is variable, but it does seem to offer great value if played at 50 paylines with the Scatter Bucks feature in play.

Jackpot potential: 4/5

With 10,000 coins up for grabs on a single payline, it isn’t a vast jackpot. But the fact that you can win multiple paylines massively increases the value of the win. Add to this the Scatter Bucks feature and free spins, and the potential to win some huge amounts is tangible.

Repeat play: 5/5

There is a huge amount to enjoy in the Legends of Troy slot. You will no doubt come back and enjoy plenty more sessions in the future.

Total score: 20/25

Legends of Troy is a hugely enjoyable and innovative slot. For best results, play it at 50 paylines with Scatter Bucks in operation. What you then have is one of the best-paying and most enjoyable slots of recent times, packed to the brim with outstanding features and offering you the chance of a big payday if you get lucky.