Elvis: The King Lives Slots Online

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Elvis: The King Lives Slots Online

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Play Free WMS Slots in NJ

Well, bless-a-my soul, what’s a-wrong with me! You have to love Elvis, don’t you?

The man who inspired a generation changed the face of the pop charts forever. Well, The King may be long dead, but in the world of New Jersey online slots, he lives on in WMS toe-tapping Elvis: The King Lives slot.

This slot offers something a little different to your standard slot game and its presentation is unusual. Does this make for a “Jailhouse Rock” of a slot, or is it going to be “Heartbreak Hotel?”

Let’s get backstage and take a peek.

Overview of Elvis: The King Lives

Elvis The King Lives Slot 1The first thing that you’ll notice about the Elvis: The King Lives slot is that it actually doesn’t look like your typical 5×3 reel slot game.

That’s because on the right is a 3×6 reel and on the left are two 2×2 sets of reels which are symbols one and two across the paylines.

Speaking of paylines, given the unusual layout of the slot, there are up to 80 paylines in operation and unusually, your single unit stake covers not one, but two paylines.

You can alter the size of your stake and the number of paylines in play on the jukebox-styled control panel to personalize how you play.

The in-game jackpot isn’t huge at 5.5x your bet, but with regular smaller wins, this is definitely a slot that rewards players more consistently, but sadly not with larger payouts.

Where to encounter Elvis: The King Lives slot in NJ

Elvis The King “lives” at several legal online casinos in New Jersey, including:

Who will Elvis: The King Lives slot appeal to?

Of course, if you are a fan of Elvis, you’ll adore this slot. The symbols on the reels are all linked to Elvis, including a cuddly teddy bear, some blue suede shoes and a rather forlorn looking hound dog.

So the symbols are cleverly done, but there’s more to the slot than that.

The slot will also draw in players who are bored of the regular 5×3 slot format and who instead prefer a different layout. The unusual style of the Elvis slot, complete with its stacked wilds and other symbols on the three right reels mean the slot immediately grabs your attention.

The scalability of the game means low and high rollers can both play easily without breaking their bankrolls. Add into this an innovative presentation and, without a doubt, one of the best soundtracks you could ask for, and you have a slot with instant appeal to a broad range of players.


Elvis The King Lives Slot 2The gameplay on the Elvis: The King Lives slot is actually the same as any other slot, but it’s just presented slightly differently. The two 2×2 boxes produce the first two symbols on the reels and they can be matched on up to 80 paylines with the 18 symbols that appear on the three reels on the right.

Once you have figured out that’s how the slot rolls, then you’ll be away in no time.

The music accompanying the slot is fantastic and perfectly captures the legend that is Elvis.

This is not a slot that you get bored of the music of quickly and then click the mute. If you love rock ‘n’ roll and blues then you’ll have your foot tapping along with the music while you play.

The low symbols on the slot are the usual playing card lows, with the Elvis-themed symbols the higher value alternatives. All symbols are stacked on the reels and there is also an Elvis wild on the reels which can help create winning paylines (especially when stacked).

This is a slot that tends to pay out smaller wins more frequently and which has a very small jackpot.

Therefore, unless you are wagering the largest amounts per spin, Elvis: The King Lives won’t make you rich beyond your dreams, but it is still highly enjoyable.

Special features

Stacked wilds

The Elvis symbol is the in-game wild substituting for all high and low symbols and the symbol is stacked across all five reels which can result in some of the bigger base game wins.

Free spins bonus

You can land the free spins bonuses in two ways. If you land four scatters on reels 1-4 and/or 5/8 (the two 2×2 reels) or land three scatters on the three six symbol high reels, then you earn five free spins at 1x your total bet.

However, if you land four symbols on reels 1-4 and/or 5/8 plus another four scatters on the three other reels, you earn the big prize of 20 free spins, with 100x your total bet paid.

What works?


The Elvis: The King Lives slot has what appears to be a confusing layout at first, but in actual fact, the slot works well.

It offers an unusual number of paylines and different ways to get free spins too, which means that the game is interesting to play right away. That appeal doesn’t dwindle once the reels are in motion.

Regular small wins

Sometimes regular small wins can be a pain as you still tend to lose money over time if they are not interspersed with bigger wins often enough. Well, on this slot, the balance between regular lower wins and better paying wins has been found quite beautifully.

There is just the right amount of risk and reward.

Stacked wilds

Having the stacked wilds can lead to some of the aforementioned bigger base game wins and they are particularly useful when landed on one or more of the 2×2 reels.

What doesn’t?

Free spins

It’s difficult to trigger the standard free spins round, but it is incredibly hard to land the bigger rewarding round.

This can be frustrating if you are someone who enjoys Elvis The King Lives Slot 3the thrill of free spins gaming. Your chances of landing the bigger of the two bonuses seem very distant indeed.


The fact that free spins are so difficult to hit means that unless you really enjoy the base game (and there is plenty to enjoy), then the gameplay does get a tad repetitive.

Another bonus feature would have perhaps served the game well.


While the soundtrack on this slot is immense, especially in the bonus game, the graphics are a little dated in a modern context. Cleaner, sharper graphics would certainly have helped the presentation.

The scores

[wp-review id=”4937″]

Graphics and soundtrack: 4/5

The graphics aren’t great, but they’re serviceable and functional. It’s the soundtrack that lifts this game into the stratosphere.

Even if you are not an Elvis fan, this will be a slot you play with the volume up, singing along in accompaniment.

Originality and creativity: 3.5/5

The unique layout of the slot means that it is certainly unusual to play if you are used to the more standard 5×3 or 5×4 layout. But other than that, the slot is very much the same as any other.

Still, it is an original way to play 80 lines.

Play value: 2.5/5

You do earn regular wins from the Elvis: The King Lives slot and a fair number of them are decent returns. You won’t be massively richer playing the game, but it won’t wreck your balance if you have a few extra spins in a session either.

Jackpot potential: 1/5

Unless you can trigger the ultra-rare big free spins bonus, the jackpot potential on the slot is very small, with just 5.5x your wager possible.

Repeat play: 4/5

While not hitting free spins can be irritating at times, there is more than enough in the base game to keep you coming back for more.

Total score: 15/25

Elvis: The King Lives is a very enjoyable, unusual, and entertaining slot that is superbly presented and presents a fresh approach to slot gaming. It’s well worth a look if you are growing tired of the standard slot format, and maybe even if you aren’t.

Image credit: cowardlion / Shutterstock.com