Cleopatra Plus Slot Machine

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Cleopatra Plus Slot Machine

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Play Free IGT Slots in NJ

Of all the ancient queens, it is perhaps Cleopatra that is best remembered. The last ruler of Ptolemaic Egpyt, she may be best known for bathing in ass’s milk and rolling herself up in a carpet to visit Julius Caesar. Over the years she has gained a favorable reputation in the slot community too, thanks to the original Cleopatra slot.

We took a look at that game recently and thought it shaped up favorably, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover that a new and improved version—Cleopatra Plus—was now ready to play. So we donned our sandals, performed a sand dance, and loaded up this brand new slot from IGT to see if this could surpass what the original had to offer.

For clarity, this version is not tied in with the Mega Jackpots game offering a progressive jackpot.

Overview: Cleopatra Plus

Cleopatra Plus is a 5×3 reel, 40 non-selectable payline game. It’s set against the backdrop of the Great Pyramids of Giza adorned in a dramatic sunset. The Egyptian-style music accompanies the backdrop and the action on the reels nicely.

You can bet from $0.01 per line up to a maximum bet of $20 per payline. This gives players a fantastic range of bets from $0.40 up to $800 per spin, meaning this slot is one that all players can afford to play.

The symbols on the reels are a real mix, with playing card low symbols and some medium value symbols. The highest paying standard symbol is one of the famous Egyptian gods, which can change as you progress through the different features of the slot.

Who will the Cleopatra Plus slot appeal to?

Certainly, if you are a fan of the original Cleopatra slot, then you will find plenty to enjoy in Cleopatra Plus. This slot retains many of the features of the original in terms of how the game looks, plays, and sounds. Overall there is much greater depth to this second slot, as well as double the amount of paylines in play. This is also a great slot for higher rollers with a huge $800 wager allowable on a single spin. Smaller stakes players can be content playing with the minimum of just $0.40.

The other demographic of player the Cleopatra Plus slot will appeal to is those that enjoy games that involve unlocking features as you go. The fact that this slot remembers your progress (you can log out and back in and your progress will be saved) is a huge bonus as it allows you to progress through the slot more easily over a sustained period of time and that is key to unlocking all the secrets of this feature-packed slot.

Gameplay: Cleopatra Plus

Once you have selected your bet size using the Line Bet feature, you can click on the red Spin button or the Auto Play button on the right to get the reels spinning. The first thing you will notice when you have played Cleopatra Plus for a while is that it is not a particularly generous slot in the base game. This is definitely a medium to high variance game, probably edging toward the high variance truth be told and that should be a prime consideration when setting your bet size.

The reason for that is that this slot is designed to be played through, and as you play through the features and unlock more, then you start to access the better paying features. As such, unless you get lucky early on in the proceedings, then you are likely to have to take a few unprofitable sessions on the chin before you start to hit the better paying features.

Most of the wins in the base game are very small and don’t cover your bet, with the larger wins just about covering it. You do hit the occasional big win, which can offer you a return of several times your bet, but these aren’t hit too frequently. The highest paying standard symbol offers 400 coins for five on a payline.

Additional features

However, to help you land bigger wins there is the Cleopatra Plus Wild. This Wild is stacked up to 10 symbols high across the reels and can substitute for all high and low value symbols. If you can hit three or more on a payline, you can win 50, 250 or even 1,500 coins, the biggest reward in the base game. All wins completed by a Wild offer a 2x multiplier on the win.

There is also a Free Spins round, available when you land 3 of the Scatter symbols. This triggers the Bonus Map feature and it is here where the bigger paying features of the slot can be found.

As you play the base game and land Scatter symbols on the reels, you will collect followers. As you collect these followers, you progress through different levels (there are eight in total). With each level you pass through, you unlock a different part of the map and the bonuses that are located within there.

What you then do is allocate the followers you have around the locations in the map. After you have done this you will reveal the bonuses hidden by the locations. The number of followers you have in each location will determine what bonus you receive.  You can receive free spins (up to 30), up to a 5x multiplier, a cash prize of up to 30x your stake, a final free spin multiplier of up to 50x, and even 10 Super Spins. The more levels you pass through the greater your rewards. You’ll also have more of these bonuses available to you.

Special features: Cleopatra Plus

Stacked Wilds

The Cleopatra Wilds are stacked across the reels up to 10 symbols high. They can be used to substitute for all high and low value symbols to create multiple winning paylines on a spin. All Wild wins are subject to a 2x multiplier.

Free Spins bonus

The Free Spins bonus is a bit more involved as it works in conjunction with the Level Up Plus feature. Place your followers at chosen points at your selected city on the Bonus Map to reveal bonuses. These are then applied to your standard 5 free spins and 1x multiplier you start the bonus with after hitting three or more Scatters on a spin.

Level Up Plus feature

During the base game, every scatter you land will be collected. Once you reach a certain number of scatters (at the first level, it is 50), you’ll progress onto the next level. This level determines which of the cities and bonus features you can access when you trigger the free spins bonus round. The great thing is, your progress on this slot will be saved. This means you can come back to it at a later date and continue playing where you left off.

What works?

Packed with features

Initially, Cleopatra Plus seems like a slot base game. But, as you get further into play, you unlock a lot more of its treasures. You’ll find that the game packs a multitude of features, especially in the free spins round. A you progress through the levels, you’ll get to unlock an increasing number of these bonuses.

Slot retains your level progress

One of the best features is that it’s a game that rewards people who play for longer periods of time. Given this factor, it’s vital that their progress isn’t lost. Hence, when you log out of this slot and log back in, your progress will be saved allowing you to pick up your quest at a later date.

Innovative Bonus Map feature

The way you move through the levels by collecting Scatter symbols is a clever way to slowly introduce the better paying features of the slot. This does mean that—especially during the early stages—the Cleopatra Plus slot does tend to be a very high variance slot.

What doesn’t?

Base game plays tight

When you begin playing the Cleopatra Plus slot, you’ll need to build up your levels to unlock the better paying features. At this point, finding decent sized wins can be hard. As such, playing at a sensible bankroll level is vital toward enjoying this slot.

Free Spins hard to hit

Hitting the Free Spins bonus can take a large amount of time. It can also be frustrating to hit it early on only to have a limited selection on the Bonus Map. However, your patience in unlocking more of the map as you progress through the levels is generally rewarded.

Aimed at slot players who play longer sessions

The Cleopatra Plus slot isn’t a slot you can load up for a few spins and hope to win big. In order to experience the very best it has to offer, you’ll need to invest considerable time and money.  If you play for a short time, then the high variance will almost inevitably lead you to a loss.

The scores

Graphics & soundtrack 3/5

Personally, while the soundtrack was fine, I thought the graphics were a bit untidy. They appear rather ‘samey,’ which made distinguishing winning lines somewhat more difficult than it needs to be. They have been done very nicely, but the styling of the symbols are not distinct enough in my view.

Originality & creativity 5/5 

You cannot give Cleopatra Plus anything less than top marks when it comes to originality. Yes it may look like a 40 payline 5×3 slot, but there’s depth behind the base game. It is here that all the original features shine through.

Play value 2/5

This is a medium to high variance game and, especially early on in the slot, plays very volatile indeed. Wins are small in the base game in general and big wins don’t come along too often. Play for longer and you’ll reap more rewards, but it can be expensive to reach that stage.

Jackpot potential 3/5

The further you go into the game, the more you unlock the bonuses, the greater the potential for bigger wins. This does increase the jackpot potential significantly.

Repeat play 5/5

There is so much detail on the Cleopatra Plus slot and so many bonus features and facets of play that there is no doubt that after your initial play you’ll want to come back and continue your journey through the levels. Just remember to ensure you are playing at the right level for your bankroll.

Total score: 18/25

Cleopatra Plus does take the Cleopatra legacy a stage further with a wealth of new features. However this is a higher variance game and as such, you need to be aware of this when playing. Set out for the long haul and you will enjoy many pleasurable hours on this slot.