Jaguar Princess Slots

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Jaguar Princess Slots

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Play Free High 5 Slots in NJ

I must admit, when I saw this game I was initially amused that the game sounded like it was named after two classic British cars, the Jaguar and the often-forgotten Austin Princess. However, in slot land, this game refers to a rather beautiful young lady who lives in Central/South America and who seemingly has a symbiotic relationship with the beautiful and fantastic feral cat.

The game was developed by High 5 Games. It’s a rather unusual 6×4 reel set up with up to 50 paylines in operation, which sounds like a lot but across 6×4 reels isn’t actually that many.  You can play 1, 10, 20, 30, or 50 paylines per spin. However, the game certainly operates at its best and potentially most lucrative for players when the full amount of paylines are played each time. Wagers range from $0.01 to $1.00 per line, for a minimum bet of $0.01 and a maximum bet of $50.00 per spin.

Overview: Jaguar Princess

The setting for the slot is the jungle/mountainous regions of Central and South America, where the Jaguar is known to roam freely. The reels are decorated with a number of different symbols pertaining to the Jaguar Princess and the glorious beast itself. Additionally, there are a number of features you can trigger while playing the game to increase the value of a win.

The base game jackpot is a miserly 500 coins. But, since the Jaguar Princess slot operates using Stacked Symbols, it’s possible to land a big win across more than one payline on a single spin. Hence the actual amount you could win from a spin is considerably higher than this single line jackpot amount.  The game is available to play on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Who will the Jaguar Princess slot appeal to?

Given that the Jaguar Princess slot first grew to prominence in casinos and arcades around the world, this slot will already have a decent following of slot players who have previously played the game in a brick-and-mortar casinos. The port to the digital realm retains all the key features that made this such a popular slot offline. There’s no reason to think it won’t be equally appealing to them online too.

As a 6×4 reel slot, this is a more unusual layout. As such, it will appeal to someone looking for something different and more challenging than the usual 5×3 style slot game. It’s also a more medium to higher variance game. This means that players who enjoy games that pay out larger amounts less often, will enjoy the challenge of winning big on the Jaguar Princess slot.

Gameplay: Jaguar Princess

Once you have set your wager level and the number of paylines to be played (we strongly suggest you play all 50), then you can use either the Auto Play button or the spin button to get the reels spinning.

The first thing you will note is the symbols on the reels. There are a mix of these. Lower paying symbols are the Queen, King and Ace playing card symbols. These offer payments of up to 20 coins for landing up to 6 across a payline. Slightly higher paying symbols include the jewelry items such as the ring, bracelet and necklace, all offering up to 30 coins for 6 on a payline.

There are then three different jaguars—a white jaguar, black jaguar, and orange-and-black jaguar. Each offers up to 60 coins for six on a payline. Finally, the highest paying standard symbol in the game is the Jaguar Princess herself. She offers up to 100 coins for six on a payline.

If those winning amounts sound small, then it’s worth remembering that in this game on each spin, one of these symbols (or the Wild symbol which we will look at below) can be super-stacked on the reels. The symbol that is super-stacked changes on every spin but the net result of this is that you can land multiple winning paylines from a single spin. Needless to say, this radically increases the potential value of a win beyond that of a single payline.

Additional features

To help you achieve more wins there are some additional features of the slot. The first is the Wild symbol, which is easily identifiable as the Jaguar Princess logo. This symbol can replace any of the symbols outlined above to help create winning paylines. Furthermore, it can also be stacked on the reels to help create multiple winning paylines on a spin.

If you land six Wild symbols on a payline, then you land the jackpot available for a single line win of 500 coins. If you can land all 24 available symbols as a Wild, then you can trigger up to 50 of these 500 coin wins from a single spin. This is a huge amount of money (even if the likelihood of this is somewhat slim).

The other key feature of the Jaguar Princess slot is the Scatter symbol. This is a Jaguar claw rending through fabric. These scatter symbols can also appear stacked on reels two, three, four and five. You need to land 12 to 16 of these symbols anywhere on the reels on any spin to trigger the free games round. For every symbol you land between 12 and 16, you’ll receive one free spin.

When the free spins round starts, a new set of reels are used for the spins. Unfortunately, you cannot trigger any additional free spins from within the bonus round itself.

Special features: Jaguar Princess

Super Stacked symbols

On every spin one of the symbols or the Wild on the reels is selected at random to be super stacked across the reels. This will mean that you can land some very large multiple payline wins in the base game when you can land these symbols on the first three reels or more.

Free Spins

You can earn between 12 and 16 free spins in the free spins bonus by landing the Stacked Scatter symbol across the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. The nice thing about the free spins bonus is that it generally doesn’t take a huge amount of time to trigger. However the amounts you can win when spinning the reels during the bonus round can be very variable.

Stacked Wild

The Wild symbol substitutes for all standard symbols in the base game to create winning paylines. It also offers the top single payline jackpot payout of 500 coins for six on a payline.

What works?

Faithful to original

Jaguar Princess started off as a game in the casinos around the globe. When it was ported over to the digital realm it retained all of the key features that made it so popular. As such, fans of the slot in the real world can now enjoy this game online.

Stacked Symbols wins

The base game would be markedly more difficult (and much less appealing) without the Stacked Symbol feature. Indeed, you can make a good case that without this, the slot would be unplayable, as the play value would be almost nil and the chances of landing a decent win non-existent.

Free Spins bonus

What is pleasing about the free spins bonus is that it’s relatively easy to trigger and doesn’t usually take too long to land. However, this is a volatile slot, so that may not always be the case. We certainly found hitting free spins easier on the Jaguar Princess slot than on many others reviewed in recent times.

What doesn’t?

No multipliers

One of the most obvious omissions from the slot is the lack of multipliers. This is most keenly felt in the base game where many of the wins are very small indeed and the lack of a multiplier means that the value for money factor playing the slot isn’t that great. A Wild multiplier on Wild wins would also have helped.

Payouts generally small

Linked in with the lack of multipliers is the fact that the payouts on this slot are generally very small, with 2 to 20 coin wins being the majority. When you consider that if you play 50 paylines, your minimum bet is 50 coins. If the vast majority of your wins are nowhere near this much, then the play value of the slot takes a big hit.

Medium to high volatility

Amongst all those low value wins there is always the chance of landing a much bigger one and this does happen. However, this is a volatile slot and if you visit when it’s playing cold, your bank balance can take an almighty hit. However, hit it right and you could be celebrating a very big win indeed.

The scores

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Graphics & soundtrack 3/5

There’s nothing hugely exciting about the Jaguar Princess slot graphically, but the animations when you win or trigger one of the features are done well. The soundtrack is dramatic and in keeping with the slot. It just looks a little dated compared to some modern slot games.

Originality & creativity 3/5

The Super Stacked Symbol feature is certainly creative and the fact that there are six reels means that this is an original looking slot. (Even if it is based on an older game.) Beyond that there aren’t really too many original features to get excited about.

Play value 2/5

Unfortunately, play value isn’t great on the Jaguar Princess slot. That is chiefly due to the size of most of the wins you hit being nowhere near the wager you place to get the reels spinning. Only the occasional big win stops this from being a 1/5 mark.

Jackpot potential 2/5

With the biggest jackpot in the base game on a single payline being 500 coins, this won’t turn any heads of the big jackpot players. But you can win more than that on multiple paylines, which is the best way to approach the game.

Repeat play 2/5

Jaguar Princess is enjoyable at first and the Free Spins round is good fun. You can land some good wins using the Stacked Symbol, but when you hit a quiet run of spins, your bank balance will take a hit. The lack of value in most wins means that this is a hard slot to love when you compare it to some less volatile slots available today.

Total score: 12/25

Jaguar Princess is one of those slots that is generally a little dated nowadays. It doesn’t offer the punter great value, but it does have some highlights which make it appealing at times. This isn’t a slot I’d return to every day but it is what I would term one that would be good to play occasionally.