Giant’s Gold Slots

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Play Free WMS Slots in NJ

Even the name summons up images of something very much larger than life and that is precisely what you get with WMS’s exciting Giant’s Gold slot. The game is based loosely on the Jack and the Beanstalk legend, although that is a very loose link, as there’s no sign of Jack and the focus of the slot is very much the giant and his rather attractive lady companion.

However it is not just the giant that is the big thing about this slot. What you have here is a game that lives up to the name in more ways than one, with a massive 100 paylines available across 5×16 reels of action. Furthermore, with some clever features, you can land yourself up to 100 free spins on what could prove to be a very lucrative slot if you get lucky.

Overview: Giant’s Gold

Giant’s Gold is a game that takes its inspiration from the Jack and the Beanstalk story, but instead of the focus being on Jack, it is instead the giant and his reserves of gold that are the key factor. The graphics and background noises in particular are beautifully done on the slot. There’s the sound of thudding giant footsteps accompanying you, followed by the giant singing a little song. It is all rather sweet, to be truthful.

What is different is how the reels are set up. You have two reel sets in operation here. The main reel set of 5×4 reel on the left of the screen and the 5×12 reel Colossal Reel set on the right side of the screen. There’s 100 selectable paylines you can play and you can spin anywhere from $.50 to $100 per spin.

Who will the Giant’s Gold slot appeal to?

Giant’s Gold is a slot that will certainly appeal to slot players that enjoy a game that is radically different to the usual 5×3 slot set-up. Add to this the fact that the symbols are all stacked across the reels plus a few other bonus features (which we will explain in more detail below) and this is most definitely a slot that will be enjoyed by someone looking for something different.

That said, I feel this isn’t a slot that would suit a beginner player. Covering the cost of 100 paylines on each spin (as is the most advisable way to play) can prove very costly, especially when you are wagering more than the minimum amounts per spin. That combined with the sheer number of reels and the complexity that follows as a result of that, means that this is a slot that is better suited to more experienced gamers.

Gameplay: Giant’s Gold

The key aspect to the Giant’s Gold slot is understanding how the reels work and link together. While at first this can seem a little complex, in truth it is easy to understand once you have played a few spins, especially if you are familiar with how slots work in general.

You have the standard reels on the left hand side of the screen, which is a 5×4 reel set. To the right is the 5×12 reel set of the Colossal Reels. What this means is you have ten different reels, each with its own set of stacked symbols. However there is a link between the two.

This occurs when you land a full stack of Wild symbols on the standard reel set. When you have one reel turn entirely Wild, the corresponding reel on the Colossal Reel set also turns completely Wild. This is the case whether you trigger one or more reels completely Wild and it is one of the ways in which you can land some of the bigger wins in the base game.

On each of the reels are a number of symbols. The lower value symbols are the playing card low symbols, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The higher value symbols are some of the giant’s possessions from the story. These include the harp, golden goose and a bag of gold, as well as a cow.

Additional features

In addition to these symbols there are also other stacked symbols. The Giant is stacked across the reels and so is his attractive lady companion. Indeed, she is the highest paying symbol of the base game, with five on a payline offering a 250 coin payout.

There are two other symbols to take note of here. The first is the Wild symbol. This is the beanstalk and as we have already noted, when you land this on the Standard Reel set and it turns one of the five reels entirely Wild, the corresponding reel on the Colossal Reel set also turns Wild. In addition, it can substitute for any symbol to create winning paylines on both reel sets.

The other symbol of note is the Golden Egg symbol. The Golden Egg is the Bonus Feature symbol. This only appears on reels one, three and five of both the Standard and Colossal Reel sets. In order to trigger free spins, you need to land at least one Golden Egg symbol on each of the three reels in either the Main or Colossal Reels. If you do, then you win 5 free spins.

However, if you land more than three of these symbols on a successful spin, then the amount of free spins you receive is increased up to a maximum of 100 Free Spins if you can trigger 40 Golden Eggs across the three reels. Obviously, the more eggs you land the better as you get more free spins and more chance to land a bigger win. This is especially pertinent given that during Free Spins, all wins are subject to a 2x multiplier.

Special Features: Giant’s Gold

Colossal Reel Set

The biggest and most obvious feature of the Giant’s Gold slot is the 100 paylines in operation across the 10 reels in total. This is a very big slot in terms of sheer volume of reels in operation on every spin. Tt can take a little getting used to if you tend to play 3 or 5 reel games only.

Wild Transfers

A great feature is the Wild Transfer. This occurs when you land an entire reel in the Standard Reel set as a full set of Wild symbols. When this happens, the corresponding reel in the Colossal Reel set also turns completely Wild. Big wins are possible when you can turn more than one reel in the Standard Reel set Wild.

Free Spins

One of the most appealing aspects of the Giant’s Gold slot is that you can win yourself between 5 and 100 Free Spins by landing the Bonus Egg symbol across the first, third and fifth reels on either the Standard or Colossal Reels, or even across them both.

What works?


The soundtrack of the slot is absolutely spot on. There isn’t music as such, but simply a collection of noises and sound effects to transport you into the giant’s lair. The sounds do this quite beautifully, with a number of excellent effects, including the giants heavy thudding footsteps.

100 paylines

Although covering 100 paylines can be expensive, your line stake does cover two lines rather than one. So to cover 100 paylines with $0.01 per payline would cost $0.50. This makes playing the full number of paylines cheaper and is important, as this slot is best played with all paylines in play.

Stacked symbols

The Stacked Symbols are a real mixed blessing at times. Most often they can block off potential wins, but when you hit them, especially in conjunction with stacked wild symbols, then you can hit some really decent-sized wins in the base game and especially free spins.

What doesn’t?

No base game multipliers

The base game is typically something that you have to play through achieving small wins until you hit a bigger win or trigger the bonus feature. Wins are small so the lack of multipliers in the base game does hit hard. As such, it makes the game somewhat expensive to play at times.

Free Spins hard to hit

The other problem with the slot is that the Free Spins game is very hard to hit. It can take a high number of spins in order to trigger even just the once. In addition, most free spins you hit tend to be between 5 and 20 free spins, with only a slim chance of hitting more.

Bigger wins rare

As we’ve already hinted at, hitting the bigger wins on this slot can be very difficult. The Wild symbols are the key here and especially hitting multiple reels turning completely Wild.

The scores:

[wp-review id=”7765″]

Graphics & soundtrack 4/5

The graphics on the slot are nice enough and well rendered but it is the sound effects which really are the standout feature for me. Close your eyes and you could be sitting in the giant’s realm listening to bird song, cattle and the giant’s singing, yawning and footsteps.

Originality & creativity 3/5

This isn’t the first slot on the Jack and the Beanstalk theme and it probably won’t be the last. But the fact it has so many different paylines and reels available makes it a very different slot to many of the others you would usually play.

Play value 2/5

Unfortunately, the combination of hard-to-hit features, a lack of multipliers in the base game and mainly low value wins in the base game, does make this a very expensive slot to play at times, especially if you increase the coin value while still playing all 100 paylines.

Jackpot potential 2/5

While big wins are possible in Giant’s Gold, they are somewhat rare. Even with so many potential paylines available, you don’t tend to hit too many paylines in a typical big win, so the jackpot potential does suffer as a result.

Repeat play 2/5

I think players that have a larger bankroll and more experience will fire up Giant’s Gold for additional sessions, but the more casual player will find the play value a real stumbling block to playing regularly.

Total score: 13/25

There is lots to like on the Giant’s Gold slot but it is hit by poor play value and a relatively low jackpot size. Add that to the majority of wins being very low and this means it is a game hard to love, even with superb sound effects.