The Vanishing Act Slot: This Online Game Is Low On Trickery, High On Variance

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The Vanishing Act Slot: This Online Game Is Low On Trickery, High On Variance

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Play Free High 5 Slots in NJ

I must admit that I have never really understood the appeal of some of the world’s finest magicians from the likes of Harry Houdini, through to modern-day exponents of the arcane arts like David Blaine and Dynamo.

While I can appreciate their skill and ability to make the seemingly impossible seem possible, I have the inability to suspend disbelief and I always know that a magic trick is called just that because that is precisely what it is.

Still, my misgivings apart, I approached the The Vanishing Act slot with a degree of interest because while in the real world magicians are held in check by reality, in the slots world truly wondrous things can happen, as anybody who has landed a big progressive jackpot can tell you.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Vanishing Act slot shapes up.

NJ slot online Vanishing Act

Overview: The Vanishing Act

The Vanishing Act slot was developed by High 5 Games and is a 5×4 reel slot that features up to 40 selectable paylines.

You can play one, 10, 20, 30, or 40 paylines per spin and I recommend that to get the most out of the slot that you always play with the maximum paylines in play.

You can scale your bet size by changing the bet per line from $0.01 up to $1.00 per line, meaning that a minimum bet on this slot is $0.01 and a maximum bet is $40.00.

The jackpot in the base game is a relatively small 1,000 coins, but it is possible to land this (and all other wins) across several paylines at once, which does increase the potential size of a win.

The slot has a somewhat magical and mysterious feel to it, with a mixture of low and high value symbols on the reels that are fastened together by a background that consists of chains and a locked padlock.

Who will The Vanishing Act slot appeal to?

The Vanishing Act slot will certainly appeal to people who enjoy the artistry involved in a compelling magical performance.

But to be truthful, that is only the thematic element. In my opinion, it is the features and the structure of the slot, combined with the range of prizes on offer which will likely draw more people to play.

The bonus features on the slot are generally good, but this is also a rather volatile slot due to the way it has been designed. As such, this will attract players who prefer to enjoy a slot that offers them a chance of a rare big win, rather than more regular smaller value payouts.

Where to play The Vanishing Act online slot in New Jersey

If you decide that your desire to give this slot a shot is more than an illusion, a good place to find it is at

It is likewise offered at Tropicana online casino in addition to these sites:

Gameplay: The Vanishing Act

The first thing to sort out on the slot is your wager size.

We have already suggested that playing the maximum number of paylines is the best strategy and that is certainly the case, so do change your coin value size before you hit the spin otherwise you could end up spending more per spin than you intended.

In terms of presentation, the Vanishing Act slot is rather attractive. The backdrop of the chains and padlock is very effective and the symbols have been nicely designed along with the console to match the magician theme.

Even the generic sound effects, which have been used on many slots previously, are somewhat magical and actually enhance the slot more so than a soundtrack would.

Vanishing Act slot online

In terms of the symbols, we have the somewhat familiar playing card low symbols from 10 through to jack, which offer a somewhat miserly payout of between two and 15 coins if you land between three and five on a payline.

Those are rather low amounts, especially for five of a kind. To be honest, if a player looks at these they may be initially put off.

However, they would be wrong to be and I’ll explain precisely why when we look at the features of the slot.

The higher value symbols are the character symbols.

There are the two females (who presumably are either magicians or magician’s assistants) and the chap who appears to be the main magician, who is being trussed up in a curious number of ways in the three symbols he features on.

Again, the payouts for these symbols are generally low with a maximum payout of just 50 coins if you hit five on a payline.

Seasoned New Jersey online slots players will now be asking how the slot can be profitable if you are wagering 40 coins per spin, and have to hit five of a kind just to make 50 coins?

The answer is that in this slot the symbols are Super Stacked on the reels. This means that you can turn an entire reel – and indeed multiple reels – all to the same symbol on a spin.

Land these symbols stacked across the reels and you don’t just win 50 coins for one payline, but you may win 50 coins for 10, 20, or even 40 paylines if you are fortunate enough. It is this way that the bigger payouts are achieved.

To help you land more wins, there is a wild symbol which can substitute for all symbols apart from the scatter. If you land five wilds on a payline, you land the jackpot in the game of 1,000 coins.

The only other symbol on the reels is the Free Games Bonus symbol which when landed in all positions on reels two, three, and four sees you earn seven free spins.

During this bonus, additional Super Stacks of symbols are added to the reels, which gives you an increased chance of landing a healthy sized win.

Special features: The Vanishing Act

Super Stacked symbols

Each of the symbols on the reels is super stacked, which means you can turn entire reels to the same symbol.

This results in the ability to trigger multiple payline wins on spins and as such, the value of a win increases with the more paylines you trigger and the more of the same symbols you can land across each of the five reels.

Free spins

The Free Spin bonus is triggered by landing the scatter symbol covering all four positions on reels two, three, and four. This sounds like a tall order but with stacked symbols does happen from time to time.

You get seven free spins, but the real benefit is that you also have additional stacks of symbols on the reels offering you a better chance of a win.


The wild symbol is stacked and can substitute for any of the high or low value symbols (but not the scatter symbol) to complete winning paylines.

Land five wilds across the reels and you can trigger the biggest single payline jackpot in the game of 1,000 coins.

Vanishing Act slot game NJ

What works?


What Vanishing Act has got going for it is that even with Super Stacked reels, this is a relatively simple slot to follow. It is easy to understand how much to bet and easy to follow on the reels when you hit a bigger win (as you see more of the same symbol).

It is also affordable enough for beginners to enjoy.

Higher variance

The Higher Variance aspect of the slot can be a boon for some and a negative for others, but with the Vanishing Act slot, it works pretty well. Small wins are no good to you here as they won’t cover your initial bet, so triggering those multiple paylines needs to be your aim.

That necessitates a higher variance slot.

Super Stacked symbols

The key to this slot is the Super Stacked symbols. Without it, this game would vanish without a trace as it would be far too hard to win money on.

With these symbols, even though big wins are not frequent, you do feel you stand a chance of a decent-sized win if you can hit these stacks across three or more reels.

What doesn’t?

No multipliers

I am disappointed with the lack of multipliers in the Vanishing Act slot. This is a game which does need some additional incentive when the base game is playing tight and multipliers would have provided this.

It is regrettable to see no multipliers used in any aspect of the game.

Low value line wins

I’ve played slots with low value payline wins before, but Vanishing Act does set a new standard when it comes to low value wins.

You can win 1/20th of your stake or less playing this game, which isn’t going to see anybody rushing to play.

Not many features

My final criticism of the Vanishing Act slot is that after a few spins, the gameplay does become somewhat predictable. In the end you do spend your time hoping just to land those Super Stacked wilds.

Another bonus feature or game would have given New Jersey online casino players additional hope of landing a sufficiently sized win.

review Vanishing Act online slot

The scores

[wp-review id=”8781″]

Graphics and soundtrack: 2/5

Vanishing Act has a nice setting and the sound effects, though generic, are suited to the slot. However there’s nothing truly groundbreaking here and when you consider the subject matter, there could have been a lot more done with this slot to make it more visually appealing.

Originality and creativity: 3/5

The 5×4 set up and the Super Stacks of symbols on the reels and the way you activate the free spins round are all somewhat innovative, if not easy to do on the slot. That does give it a little originality, however there’s nothing truly unprecedented here to enjoy.

Play value: 2/5

If you can hit a big win then Vanishing Act can be a very profitable slot, however hitting those big wins can take time. In the meantime, you will find that the play value of the slot in terms of the wins you hit most often will be quite poor.

Jackpot potential: 2/5

A jackpot of 1,000 coins in the base game isn’t going to get anybody’s pulse racing when other slots routinely offer tens or hundreds of thousands of coins as a jackpot.

However, winning a bigger prize across multiple paylines does add extra appeal.

Repeat play: 2/5

Vanishing Act has some pleasing touches and features. The Super Stacked symbols will keep you coming back for more, but I think its repetitiveness and the scarcity of features will mean you won’t be playing it for too long.

Total score: 11/25

Overall, Vanishing Act doesn’t quite hit the mark for me. It is a slot that had great potential but which suffers from a deficiency of value when you do hit a win, plus a hot and cold nature.

The features it does have are good, but I think its sheer volatility will put off many punters.