Lunaris Slots

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Lunaris Slots

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Is it fair to say that from the title, it can be quite difficult to guess what the Lunaris slot may be about? Is it a game rather like Tetris? Well no, the inspiration comes from the first part of the word Luna,” which as any rudimentary understanding of Latin will let you know pertains to the moon.

So what we have here is a slot that celebrates different things having to do with the night. There’s famous constellations, plants that eschew the day and only flower at night, and beautiful fireflies glittering in the dark. These are all set against a beautiful glade backdrop, lit by the bright light of a full moon. So will this slot grip you so you play like a lunatic? Or will it leave you with nothing more than moondust in your wallet? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Overview: Lunaris

The Lunaris slot is a Colossal Reel game. This means that it has a standard 5×4 reel set on the left hand side of the screen, plus the Colossal Reel set measuring 5×12 on the right hand side of the screen. You can play 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 paylines on the slot (we strongly advise the latter). Your unit stake covers two lines. So if you select $0.01 coins and the full 100 paylines this bet would cost you $0.50. The maximum bet is $1 per line over 100 lines, which is a $50 bet per spin.

There are three levels of symbols. The low playing card symbols (Spade, Diamond, Club and Heart) are the lowest paying symbols. The constellations and the telescope are the mid-range paying symbols. The highest paying symbols are the stacked flowers, with the white flowers offering a maximum payout of 1,000 coins for 5 on a payline, and the pink flowers offering 1,250 coins for the same.

Who will the Lunaris slot appeal to?

When you play a game set at night you generally think of peace and quiet. That is a perfect phrase to sum up the Lunaris slot. This isn’t bright lights, gaudy colors, and in-your-face music. This is a much slower-paced, gentler, and quieter slot and it certainly plays this way very nicely. It’s a lovely change of pace and emphasis from some of the louder slots.

Colossal Reels fans will certainly find plenty to enjoy with the Lunaris slot and there are a good number of bonus features on the game to make things interesting. Fans of slots that offer something a little different to the norm will find lots to enjoy here. And the fact that there is a very solid free spins round will also ensure this shot remains popular with gamers that enjoy these features too.

Gameplay: Lunaris

The gameplay on the Lunaris slot may look complex if you’re not familiar with the Colossal Reels feature. In actual fact, the game is as easy to understand as a basic 5×3 slot once you’ve figured out how the reels work and interact, and also how the Colossal Reels work with the Standard Reel set when it comes to the Scatter symbol.

We’ve already outlined how the reels are set up but what you also need to recognize is that with many different paylines in play, the amount you can win on a single payline is generally small compared to other slots. However, to win big on Colossal Reels, you need to hit multiple paylines. To help you achieved this, all the symbols are stacked on the reels.

The stacks can be up to seven symbols high. It is through landing these next to each other and using combinations of the bonus features that allow you a chance to win some of the bigger prizes on the Lunaris slot.

The gameplay itself is somewhat gentler paced than on other slots, chiefly because there are more reels to spin. The Standard Reel set resolves itself first, followed by the Colossal Reels, with any wins from the paylines in play highlighted following the completion of the spin.

Additional features

In order to help you land wins there is a Wild symbol, represented by the Man in the Moon. This not only substitutes for the high- and low-value symbols to create additional paylines, but three, four or five on a payline will earn you a win of up to 50 coins.  The Wild can be stacked and appears on both reel sets.

Another symbol to watch for is the Caterpillar scatter symbol. Land 3, 4, 5, or 6 of these across any reel (on both reel sets) and you win 8, 12, 20, or 25 free spins respectively, plus a prize of 2x, 10x, 20x, or 25x your stake as a nice bonus payment.

When the Free Spins bonus is triggered, you’re guaranteed to win at least 10x your stake amount thanks to the Bonus Guarantee. You can trigger additional respins by landing more of the caterpillar symbol.

Finally, perhaps the most exciting feature of the slot is the Mystery symbol. This symbol is the firefly. Each firefly displays a number on it (5, 8, 10, 15, or 20). When you land one or more of these symbols, this releases the stated number of firefly reveal symbols which flutter over onto the Colossal Reel set and settle onto some of the positions on the reel.

When the flies have landed they turn into Reveal symbols. At the end of the spin, the symbols all change into the same symbol. This can ensure some huge wins, especially if you can land 20 or more reveals, a high value symbol is picked and the symbols land in a winning formation on the Colossal Reel set.

The Mystery bonus is also in play during the free spins round when it can also produce some big wins of up to 500 times your stake.

Special features: Lunaris

Mystery Bonus

The Mystery Bonus symbol is the firefly which has a number displayed on the symbol. This denotes the number of symbols on the Colossal Reels that will turn Wild when the Fireflies settle and turn into Reveal symbols. Get a favorable combination and high value symbol on this bonus and you can land some big wins.

Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus round is achieved by landing three to six of the Caterpillar scatter symbols across the Standard and Colossal Reel sets. You can earn between 5 and 20 free spins during the bonus round, depending on the number of scatter symbols landed.

Stacked symbols

All symbols in the game are stacked on the reels apart from the Scatter and Mystery Bonus symbols. This helps players achieve multiple payline wins, which is the only way to land some of the bigger value wins on the Lunaris slot.

What works?


The presentation of the slot is done very well indeed. There’s gentle ambient music and soft sounds playing as you spin the reels. It all fits in with the theme of Night very beautifully, and Lunaris is certainly one of the most relaxing slots you will play.

Mystery Bonus

The Mystery Bonus symbol is a novel approach to offering players a chance of a win. Although it’s a volatile bonus (sometimes you can win big, other times you will win small or even nothing at all), it does make the game very exciting in the base game and the free spins round.

Stacked symbols

In short, without the symbols being stacked on the reels, the Lunaris slot would not work as a game as it would be too difficult to hit a win. However, with stacked symbols, those bigger wins become more achievable. Even so, it can be fiendishly difficult to hit a big win.

What doesn’t?

Firefly Scatter triggers no win

The most frustrating aspect of the game is when you finally trigger the Mystery Bonus. This is where the fireflies scatter across the Colossal Reel set but land in a formation which doesn’t trigger a win. There is no denying that as a player you do feel a little cheated when this happens.

Free Spins hard to hit

While triggering the Mystery Bonus doesn’t take too many spins, hitting the Free Spins bonus can be very time consuming and expensive. It does require great patience to trigger the free spins bonus.

Very volatile game

Even without a huge jackpot available, the Lunaris slot is a very volatile game and payouts are not guaranteed and even a small win does not come along too often. As such, you had better enjoy these type of slots moreso than less volatile games to get the best out of the slot.

The scores

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Graphics & soundtrack 3/5

The presentation of the slot is gentle and charming with no in your face sounds and graphics. However, there’s nothing too groundbreaking and innovative here, so while the presentation does the job, it isn’t the most flashy you will find on a modern slot.

Originality & creativity 3/5

Colossal Reels and the fact that there is the Mystery Bonus and up to 20 free spins available means that there’s lots of innovation when it comes to the game design, but with a lack of multipliers and very repetitive base game play, it could have been a little more creative.

Play value 2/5

Unfortunately, this is where things start to go wrong for Lunaris as although the 1 coin covering 2 paylines offers decent value for the player, the fact that this slot is so volatile does mean that it can chew up a vast chunk of your bankroll in double-quick time if you play at too high a wager.

Jackpot potential 2/5

The individual jackpot prizes available on each payline are very small hence the low mark but you can trigger multiple winning paylines on a single spin which does increase the value of a full payout considerably.

Repeat play 3/5

Although this can be an expensive slot to play, the fact that you can hit some very big wins and the presentation and extra features on the slot mean that I think it is a game that people will come back to play a few times.

Total score: 13/25

The Lunaris slot is a middle of the road game in my opinion. It has some great features very well presented, but it is stymied by a lack of imagination in the base game and very high volatility when it comes to payouts.