Super Monopoly Money Slots

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Super Monopoly Money Slots

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Play Free WMS Slots in NJ

I must admit to having a soft spot for Monopoly.

It’s a game I remember playing in my youth, where the aim wasn’t just to win, but to grind your opponents into the dirt. It is also the only time I have ever won second prize in a beauty contest, or a bank error has gone in my favor, or when parking was free.

So it was with some excitement that I loaded up the Super Monopoly Money slot at Virgin Casino (the game can also be found at Tropicana online casino) to see whether I could replicate those halcyon days from my youth. So how would this venerable board game make the transition into a modern-day slot?

Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Overview: Super Monopoly Money

The first thing to note about this slot is that while Monopoly is its inspiration, it has taken the more modern version of the game as its guiding light. All the main pieces of the traditional Monopoly set — the car, top hat, dog, boat, ship, and boot — have been given a spruce-up and so has Mr. Monopoly himself.

The layout is a typical 5×3 reel slot, with 25 fixed paylines and a minimum stake of $0.01 per spin created by WMS. So you’d assume the lowest price to spin is $0.25; however, for some reason not fully explained, the lowest price per spin is $0.35. That doesn’t seem like great value and unfortunately that is a recurring theme in the slot.

Similarly, the maximum amount you can wager per spin is $1.00 per line for a maximum bet of $35.00. Again, where this extra $10.00 charge for spins comes from, nobody has a clue, but it doesn’t seem to be reinvested back into the game at any point.

The base game does see you win relatively frequently and triggering the different features also doesn’t take a huge amount of time. That adds a good deal of appeal to the game. It is generally rare that you’ll have a lengthy run of spins without triggering at least something.

Who will the Super Monopoly Money slot appeal to?

I have no doubt there are a significant number of New Jersey online slots fans who are also happy to see Monopoly return in slot form. Certainly people who played the game in their youth will be tempted to give the reels a spin.

Slot fans who like their games packed with features will also find plenty to enjoy in the Super Monopoly Money Slot. There are myriad different features in the game that add further levels of intrigue and complexity to each spin.

Despite that, there’s still plenty to occupy a traditional slot player with the format of the slot and the usual free spins bonus rounds. All in all, the Super Monopoly Money slot ticks most boxes for most players at New Jersey online casinos.

Gameplay: Super Monopoly Money

Let’s first look at the positives of the gameplay.

First up, spinning is quick and you can use the autospin feature if you have other things to do. Spins are also relatively quick, with no great delay between the first reel finishing and the last, which means you can rattle through the spins quickly if that is your preferred style of play.

Another positive is that triggering wins in the base game (and even triggering some of the features) doesn’t take too long to occur in the game. Indeed, features will kick into action relatively frequently in the game.

So there’s plenty of action, lots of features readily available to trigger. It sounds like a winner, but unfortunately Super Monopoly Money doesn’t quite deliver all it promises.

The key problem here is the size of wins. Base game wins range from ridiculously small (just a fraction of your wager) to somewhat unfair. Land a four-symbol win on some games and you can expect a decent payout – here you routinely just get your stake back.

The same is true of some of the feature rounds. Too often you’ll hit just 2x or 3x your stake despite the promise of much larger returns. The whole concept of value in Super Monopoly Money is entirely dependent on hitting bigger wins and that just does not happen enough.

Plus, the lack of medium-sized wins makes the game a real drain on the finances.

Special features: Super Monopoly Money

Free Parking

This bonus is triggered sometimes (but not always) when one or more Free Parking symbols lands on the reels. When it does, you pick from a choice of five Free Parking symbols to reveal a High Symbol which replaces the Free Parking symbol on the reels and can create winning paylines.

Start Wheel Bonus

Land the MM Wild symbol on the fifth reel, and that entire wheel turns wild. Any winning paylines for that turn are awarded in Monopoly Money.

This money is added to your Monopoly Money fund, which you can use at any point from there on to spin the Start Wheel Bonus.

This will give you a reward of between 1x and 100x your reward.

Free Spins

Land three or more of the bonus symbols to trigger eight, 10 or 15 free spins accordingly. If the win is triggered by an MM Bonus or the MM Wild, then your free spins are awarded in Monopoly Money as well as cash. Wild is wild for all symbols apart from the bonus and Free Parking symbols during free spins.  

What works?


The graphics of the Monopoly Money slot look fabulous and have been brought terrifically up to date. The animations, although glitchy at times, are good fun and help enliven the game.

In terms of presentation, you can’t fault the game.

Regular wins and features

It is great spinning the reels and seeing regular wins and some of the many in-game features crop up regularly. That keeps you interested in the slot and also makes you feel like you are doing well.

Just remember that not all wins are big wins and that sometimes even if you are winning, your bank balance may be falling.

Respin feature

In the Start Wheel Bonus, if you land on the Respin sector, then you get to respin the wheel. All values on the reel increase, however, so the minimum win is 10x your bet with the maximum you can win now 200x your bet.

What doesn’t?

Base game wins too low

Sure, you win plenty of times in the base game, but your account still depletes. That’s because the majority of base game wins are generally poor value and don’t come anywhere near matching the wager you spent on the spin. Even four-symbol wins can often only pay out the same as your initial wager.

Feature game wins too low too often

I understand you can’t win 100x your wager every time you trigger a feature game, but all too often you’ll trigger a feature and be rewarded with a win that is 2x or 3x your usual wager.

It is easy to see why one glance at your account balance when playing the game will make you think twice about playing it again.

Confusing features

The sheer number of features and how they interact with each other, plus the fact that some don’t trigger all the time but only on random occasions, does make following what is happening on screen very difficult at times.

Monopoly is complex in its original board game form, and this slot seems to add a new level of complexity to that.

The scores

[wp-review id=”5411″]

Graphics and soundtrack: 4/5

In general, Super Monopoly Money looks fantastic with the game given a 21st century makeover. In terms of presentation, graphics, sounds, and the overall look of the game, it is a fabulous slot to sensorily experience.

Originality and creativity; 4/5

There’s so many additional features crammed into the slot in both the base game and the feature bonus rounds that it certainly is original. However, some of the games are difficult to follow and the free spins feature isn’t triggered very often.

Play value: 0.5/5

This is where it all falls down.

Super Monopoly Money is expensive to play and when you do play, you don’t get a fair or regular reward in the base game or feature games. Too many low-value wins and not enough wins of your wager or better mean that your account balance can take a big hit when playing the game.

Jackpot potential: 1/5

There’s the chance of winning up to 200x your wager on the Start Wheel Bonus, but the chances are you won’t win anywhere near what is being offered. The jackpot is fine in theory, but you never feel like you have a chance of winning it.

Repeat play: 1/5

You may want to give Super Monopoly Money another go thanks to the sheer number of features in the game, but you’ll need a healthy balance to enjoy this game to the full and that single factor alone will put many players off.

Total score: 10.5/25

I had so much hope for Super Monopoly Money, but unfortunately, despite fabulous presentation and superb features, the value element lets the slot down.

If it had a huge progressive jackpot to win, I’d accept that, but it doesn’t, so for me this game is just too hungry for your cash without offering enough incentive for you to wager it.

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