Dangerous Beauty Slots

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Dangerous Beauty Slots

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Play Free High 5 Slots in NJ

For many years, women had a somewhat passive and subservient role in popular culture. Of course, this is an outdated and somewhat misogynist view. Over the course of more enlightened times, strong women have started to permeate modern culture, from Ellen Ripley in the Alien franchise of films, to more modern icons such as Lara Croft, the Bride from the Kill Bill films and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Women who have this dangerous edge are now far more prevalent in society and this is the overarching theme of the Dangerous Beauty slot from High5 Games. So what do these bevy of dangerous ladies have to offer in terms of a slot? Let’s take a closer look at this offering and find out whether there is backbone behind the beauty.

Overview: Dangerous Beauty

Dangerous Beauty is a 5×4 reel slot. It allows you to play up to 40 paylines per spin. (We’d always advise you to play maximum paylines on any game and this one is no different.)  You can play 1, 10, 20, 30 or 40 lines per spin and the minimum coin you can wager per payline is $0.01. This equals a minimum bet of $0.01 (or $0.40 for 40 paylines) up to a maximum bet of $40 per spin.

The maximum jackpot you can win on a single payline is 1,000 coins. But, unfortunately, this is a slot which doesn’t pay out much for single payline wins. It’s the multiple payline wins which trigger the higher payouts.  The setting for the slot seems to be a beautiful glade with cherry blossom trees abounding under a moonlit sky. It’s very atmospheric, especially with the eponymous sword-wielding dangerous beauty on one side of the reels and her accompanying black panther on the other.

Who will the Dangerous Beauty slot appeal to?

First up, this is a slot that is easily affordable for lower stakes to medium stakes players and they will certainly be attracted to this slot. Higher stakes players probably won’t find quite so much value in this slot with a relatively small max bet and only small payouts on each payline, even if you land five of a kind across the reels.

This is more a slot aimed at players who like to play for a longer session at a cheaper price per spin and try to accumulate wins by landing more frequent medium sized wins. That can be tricky, as Dangerous Beauty is a more medium variance slot at times. But there is generally a good mix of payouts, and if you hit one of the bigger payouts by turning most or all of the symbols to the same type, the win can ensure your patience pays off.

Gameplay: Dangerous Beauty

Once you’ve chosen your coin size and number of paylines, you’re ready to start spinning the reels. The first thing you’ll notice is that there are some familiar playing card low symbols on the reels, from 10 through to Ace to be exact. These only offer payouts of up to 15 coins if you hit 5 on a payline, which isn’t great value when you consider you will likely be wagering 40 coins per spin.

There are five higher value symbols on the reels which offer increased prizes. There are two jaguars or panthers and three dangerous beauties. They offer payouts of up to 50 coins for five on a payline. Again that doesn’t seem great value, so what is the incentive for playing the slot?

Well, the real genius of the slot lies in the fact that on every spin one of the lower or higher value symbols (or the Wild symbols) can be Super Stacked on the reels. One symbol is selected at random and is super stacked on all five reels. This means if you can land this symbol across the reels, you can win far more than one payline on a spin. Indeed, land all reels the same symbol and you’ll trigger all 40 paylines.  This is how you can win some of the bigger sums available in the base game.

Additional features

To help you land those bigger wins there is a Wild symbol on the reels. This is represented by the Dangerous Beauty logo. This too can be Super Stacked. If you can land five Wilds on a payline, you win the base game jackpot of 1,000 coins. Obviously, land this symbol super stacked across the reels on 40 paylines and there’s a much larger jackpot available.

The other key feature of the slot is the Scatter symbol. An odd green dragon pendant represents the Scatter. Land this on every available slot on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels (12 in total) and you trigger the Free Spins game. Here you receive 7 free spins and the reels change to a different set of reels for this round. Super Stacked symbols are still in play and can trigger some decent sized wins during this bonus feature. However somewhat disappointingly, you cannot trigger free spins from within the bonus round so seven spins is the maximum you will receive.

Special features: Dangerous Beauty

Super Stacked symbols

On every spin one of the high, low or Wild symbols is selected at random to be Super Stacked across the reels. This can result on some much larger than usual wins if you can land all these symbols across 3, 4 or 5 reels on a single spin, particularly if the symbol is the Wild.

Free Spins

Land 12 of the Green Dragon symbols on the middle three reels on a single spin and you receive 7 free spins. These spins cannot be retriggered from within the bonus round, but you do use a different reel set than in the base game for this bonus.


The Dangerous Beauty symbol is the in-game wild. This serves two purposes: one, to replace low and high value symbols on the reels to create winning paylines, and also if you can land five wilds on a payline you can trigger the biggest base game payout of 1,000 coins per payline.

What works?

Simple gameplay

Dangerous Beauty is a very simple and easy slot to follow, even if you play 40 paylines. The Super Stacked symbols feature is easy to follow and the Free Spins round is also simple. This is an ideal slot for a beginner to try out if they want to learn about how a modern slot works.

Mix of wins

One of the more pleasing aspects of this slot is that while there is no mega-jackpot available to be won, there is a good mix of different sized wins you will likely trigger during any decent length session. This does keep players spinning the reels as the player does feel rewarded when they hit these larger value multiple paylines.

Super Stacked symbols

Without doubt the best feature of the slot is the Super Stacked symbols. Indeed, without them this slot would not work. This is the feature that offers by far the biggest payouts in both the base game and free spins round, especially if you can turn all the reels to one symbol (which does happen far more often on this slot than on others).

What doesn’t?

No multipliers

If there is one glaring omission from this slot it is the lack of multipliers, particularly on Wild wins when there is just one small value payline triggered. It would have also been nice to have had a little more incentive to hit free spins by adding a multiplier bonus to this feature too.

Free Spins volatility

Hitting the Free Spins bonus isn’t particularly taxing compared to some other slots. But the problem with the feature is that it is simply seven spins of the base game on different reels. That means you can have seven great spins and win a decent amount, but equally, you can have seven spins and win perhaps just 1x or 2x your standard bet back, which is hugely disappointing.

Small jackpot

While there is a jackpot in the base game of 1,000 coins for five wilds on a payline, and much much less for the biggest paying high value symbol (50 coins), this is a slot that only has a very small jackpot on paper. That will certainly be viewed negatively when compared to games with a considerably larger prize available.

The scores

Graphics & soundtrack 2/5

The Dangerous Beauty graphics are generally very nicely done and are particularly striking in terms of the use of color. The sound is a bit disappointing however, with just a mix of generic sounds interspersed with some music and basic animation when you hit a decent win.

Originality & creativity 2/5

There are several slots from High5 Games that run along a very similar theme of using the Super Stacked symbol across 40 paylines. While this is a decent feature, it’s perhaps too similar to several other slots from the same company.

Play value 3/5

Dangerous Beauty can be a volatile slot. Sometimes you’ll win a fair amount quickly, other times you have to show great patience to trigger a bigger win. Played over the longer term, this is a slot that doesn’t take too much of a chunk out of your bankroll, despite lower value payline wins.

Jackpot potential 2/5

With just a 1,000 coin maximum win in the base game on a single payline, this isn’t a slot that is going to have the jackpot hunters clamoring to play it any time soon. However, using Super Stacked symbols to trigger multiple paylines does offer some very sizeable payouts.

Repeat play 2/5

Dangerous Beauty is an enjoyable slot initially, especially if you catch it in a more generous session. But it does quickly soon become a bit repetitive and lacking in excitement. This means that you won’t really want to hit it up again that often.

Total score: 11/25

Dangerous Beauty is fine for a few spins and can play very nicely at times, but there’s just a lack of depth. Once you’ve exhausted the two main features, there’s not a lot else behind it to keep you coming back for more.