Divine Fortune Slots

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Divine Fortune Slots

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Play Free NetEnt Slots in NJ

So rich is the tapestry woven by Greek Mythology that it’s easy to understand why it’s such a popular source of inspiration for slot games. There’s the popular Zeus series of games, with plenty of others based on heroes and other popular (or unpopular) figures from these legendary tales. Well now NetEnt has a new game to add to the list in the shape of the Divine Fortune slot.

Don’t let the name fool you. This is a Greek legend-themed slot, even if some fellow reviewers didn’t quite understand why a “bull, bird and lion” was included alongside the Medusa! Let me elucidate. The four main protagonists on this slot are all fearsome creatures from Greek Mythology. There snake-haired Medusa is easy to spot. The “bull” is the Minotaur, while the “bird” is the Phoenix. Finally, the “lion” is the feared Nemean Lion. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s see how the slot plays.

Overview: Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is slightly different than most NetEnt slots. Along with its 5×3 reels and 20 paylines—which are pretty standard NetEnt fare these days—there is a trio of progressive jackpots you can win. The Minor jackpot is the smallest. The Major is the mid-sized jackpot. The Mega is the much larger progressive with wins in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Given that this is a progressive slot, you’d expect it to play a little tighter than most NetEnt slots. Indeed it does. Wins are not easy to come by. This means it’s at least a medium variance slot. Some would even push it toward the higher variance end of the scale. Certainly, you’ll need to pick your coin value and level carefully to ensure you don’t eat through vast chunks of your bankroll.

Who will the Divine Fortune slot appeal to?

There is obviously a large market for Greek legend-themed slots given how many are available. Fans of those games will certainly enjoy Divine Fortune. The addition of a trio of progressive jackpots means that slot players who prefer to play the type of slot where one spin can award you a life-changing win, will certainly be giving the slot a try.

However, given how this slot plays through the review process, I would say that this is a game which will only really appeal to players who want a slot that offers them occasional big wins. This is not a ‘value’ slot which awards regular smaller wins. This is a slot which can eat your bankroll whole at times. So it is most definitely suited to players that prefer games that offer a big payout on rare occasions.

Gameplay: Divine Fortune

Once you load up the Divine Fortune slot you’re immediately impressed by the clever design. Symmetrical statues of a shapely Greek lady, perhaps one of the Vestal Virgins, are located either side of the reels. A Grecian urn that looks to be decorated with precious rubies is located on the right. Simply set your coin value (from $0.01 up to $0.50 per spin for 20 paylines). Then select your Level from 1 to 10 (this simply multiplies the number of coins you wager per payline) and you are on your way.

It is imperative that you select your wager size correctly. Most progressives are very volatile slots and wins are not common, and as such you do require patience to unlock the bigger wins in the game.

The base game sees the usual playing card low symbols on the reels from Jack through to Ace. These award lower value wins of up to 80 coins. The four mythological beasts offer wins of up to 600 coins. They increase in value from the Phoenix to the Minotaur to the Nemean Lion, and finally up to Medusa. Spin five Medusa symbols on a payline for the 600-coin base game jackpot.


There are a number of other symbols on the reels, all of which serve a purpose. Each one can unlock some of the more intriguing features of the slot.

Pegasus, the winged horse, is the Wild symbol. It can substitute for all the low and high value symbols outlined above to create winning paylines. An added feature is that Pegasus is a Falling Wild. What this means is when you hit a Wild, you will trigger a respin where the Wild symbol will move down one spot on the reel. You can trigger respins up until the Wild moves off the bottom spot of the reel.

During the Falling Wild feature, if you land another Wild on the space where the Falling Wild is located, you trigger the Wild on Wild feature. This sees Pegasus rear up and cover the entire reel so that it’s Wild for that spin. On the respin, you also receive another Falling Wild on the reels to increase your chances of a win.

Additional features

Another symbol to look out for is the hand clasping a thunderbolt. This is the Free Spins symbol. Land three, four or five across the reels for awards of 5, 8 or 12 free spins. During Free Spins, any Wild landed on the reels becomes a Wild on Wild symbol. This will then expand to cover the reel for that spin. Falling Wilds is also active in this round and you can retrigger free spins from within the bonus.

Finally, land three or more Bonus Coin symbols on the reels to trigger the Jackpot Bonus symbol. These three symbols are placed randomly on the reels before the start of the bonus game. If you land these symbols during the bonus round, you can win from 10x to 200x your stake.

The Bonus Coins are also the key to winning any of the three progressive jackpots. During the Jackpot Bonus game if you land a row of coins, you’ll win the Minor jackpot. Two rows of coins triggers the Major jackpot, while land all three rows with coins and you will win the Mega Jackpot.

Special features: Divine Fortune

Falling Wild bonus

Land a Wild on any reel and it doesn’t just remain in place for one spin, but triggers a Respin and the Wild will move one space down the reel. This repeats until the Wild moves off the reels. Land a Wild under a Falling Wild and you turn that entire reel wild for that spin and you add another Wild to the other reels.

Free Spins

Hit three or more of the Free Spins symbols and you trigger 5, 8 or 12 free spins, which also has the Falling Wild bonus in operation, but also sees any Wild turn into a Wild on Wild symbol, covering that entire reel for that free spin.

Jackpot bonus

The Jackpot Bonus round offers free spins, cash prizes and the chance to win the progressive jackpots if you can hit one, two or three rows of coins across the reels. This is a novel and enjoyable way to play for the top prize in the game.

What works?

Progressive prizes

There is no doubt that adding progressive jackpot prizes to a slot always kicks up the action and excitement a great deal and there’s no doubt that is the case here on the Divine Fortune slot. The Jackpot Bonus game is a great way to try and win the top prize that is very different to how other slots allow players a shot at winning the progressive.

Superb bonus features

All of the bonus features, the Wild symbols, the Free Spins and the Jackpot Bonus have been very well thought out on the Divine Fortune slot and they work together very well to offer players some lucrative bonus rounds once you have triggered them.

Easy to play and understand

It is easy to get into the Divine Fortune slot as the base game is simple to follow and easy to play and the different bonus rounds are all intuitive and easy to follow. NetEnt have designed a slot that really works well when you combine all the elements together to give a game with depth, but which is also instantly playable by all.

What doesn’t?

Low play value

Like most progressive jackpot slots, this is a game about the rare bigger wins, so don’t think this is a slot that is going to reward you regularly with mid to lower value wins. This slot has a poor play value, but it has been designed that way to be fair to NetEnt, but even so, play it at a level slightly too much for your bankroll and you could well regret that decision.

High variance

This is a high variance game. You can play for a session and come away having lost a chunk of money. You can play for five minutes and trigger a large win and come away with considerably more than you started. If you are happy with that, then that is fine.

Too many non-winning spins

My biggest bugbear with the Divine Fortune slot is that there are too many non-winning spins. There are not that many symbols on the reels but it seems the majority of spins are not winners and most wins, when they comes, are very small and don’t cover the cost of your bet. But it is not unusual to go 10, 15 or 20 spins or more without a single win and that does become grating at times.

The scores

Graphics & soundtrack 4/5

The graphics are simple yet effective and they display the four mythological creatures very well. The music is excellent and atmospheric and totally in keeping with the nature of the slot. NetEnt slots are usually very well presented and catch the tone very well and Divine Fortune certainly falls into that category.

Originality & creativity 5/5

I cannot fault the Divine Fortune slot in terms of originality. Sure it is a Greek Mythology slot and these are ten-a-penny in the online slot world, but few slots have as many different bonus features and then a progressive jackpot on top that you can access from playing a bonus round, which offers standard wins alongside the progressive.

Play value 1/5

This is the one big black mark against the Divine Fortune slot. This is a high variance game and as such, play value isn’t great. Its volatility means you need great patience at times to work through the non winning and low paying spins to hit a decent win.

Jackpot potential 4/5

While the progressive jackpot fund isn’t the largest on the Divine Fortune slot, it is certainly big enough to warrant plenty of attention from players who enjoy this type of game. Add to that some decent wins available in the bonus features and you have a slot with a strong jackpot potential.

Repeat play 4/5

If you bankroll sensibly for this slot and accept that it is a higher variance game and will likely cost you money before you hit that big win, then there is so much layered into the Divine Fortune slot that I think many players will happily load up this slot to play time and time again.

Total score: 18/25

Divine Fortune is an excellent progressive jackpot slot but one which requires patience and sensible bankroll management to enjoy the best of. This is a slot which will be enjoyed by a player happy to speculate in the hope of landing a big jackpot win.