Diamond Bonanza Progressive Slots

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Play Free Gamesys Slots in NJ

We seem to be on a theme this week with more simplified slots.

And truth be told, you won’t find a more trimmed down, simpler slot than the Diamond Bonanza game.

Set in the roaring 20s, this is a progressive jackpot game, which usually means that there are a few features to behold. But in truth, this is a slot game that harks back to the simpler days of slot gaming, even before the first electronic slots were introduced into land-based casinos.

Is there still a market for these pared-down games in the modern NJ online slot gaming industry? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

review online slots Diamond Bonanza NJ

Overview: Diamond Bonanza Progressive

The Diamond Bonanza slot features the usual 5×3 reel setup, but on this game there are just five paylines in play.

Furthermore, the price to play the game is set at $2.50 ($0.50 per payline) and this is unchangeable.

The paylines are simply the three horizontal rows across the reels plus the two V-shaped diagonals from top to bottom back to top and vice versa.

There are just five symbols on the reels too: the four usual playing card symbols (jack, queen, king and ace), as well as the diamond symbol, which is the highest paying symbol and is the key to unlocking the progressive jackpot win when you land it on the fifth payline (the inverted V shape starting at the bottom symbol on reel 1).

Who will the Diamond Bonanza Progressive slot appeal to?

Diamond Bonanza is something of an unusual slot in that it is very much a retro-styled game.

It is set in the 1920s for a starter. And when you consider that the game offers no wild symbols, no scatter symbols, no multipliers, no free spins, and no other bonuses other than the progressive jackpot, what you have here is a game that harks back to the days of mechanical slot gaming.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, though as it does make things so much simpler. Your wager is the same on every spin, there are just five easy to follow paylines and five symbols on the reels.

So if you like slot gaming in its most stripped-down form, but with a chance to land a progressive jackpot that frequently runs to the thousands of dollars, this is a game for you to try.

Gameplay: Diamond Bonanza Progressive

There are few slot games available to play today that are quite as simplistic as the Diamond Bonanza slot.

First off, there are no features or bonuses to be dealt with in the game. There are no wilds on the reels, no scatter symbols, no bonuses to be triggered, no pick-em games, and no multipliers.

What you have here is a Gamesys slot that is stripped down to the bare essentials, but with one added attraction of a progressive jackpot fund that offers a cash prize of several thousand dollars (usually) available to be won on every spin.

Diamond Bonanza NJ slots online

There’s no need to select your coin size or the number of paylines to play as there are five paylines in total in play on every spin and you must wager $0.50 per payline on each spin, for a total bet of $2.50.

That’s quite a large low bet compared to some other slots, and this may preclude some lower stakes players from giving the slot a try.

With just five symbols on the reels, you will find that winning does happen relatively frequently. Pleasingly, the size of the wins is generally favorable for players, with wins usually around the same level as your stake, or just a little higher or lower.

That means that Diamond Bonanza is a lower variance slot and one that doesn’t necessarily have to take a big chunk out of your bankroll.

The king, ace, and diamond are the higher value symbols.

The diamond offers the highest potential wins with 2,000 to be won if you can hit five on a payline, unless you hit all five on the fifth payline, in which case you will win the big progressive jackpot prize.

Essentially, that is all there is to the Diamond Bonanza slot. It is a short, sweet, and simple game which has an appealing lower variance to it, with the chance of a decent progressive win if you can land all five diamond symbols on payline five.

Special features: Diamond Bonanza Progressive

Diamond symbol

The diamond symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game by a considerable margin, offering 2,000 as a win when landed on paylines 1-4.

When landed on the fifth payline, you win the progressive jackpot (which is usually measured in thousands of dollars).

Progressive jackpot

There is no doubt that without the progressive jackpot feature, this slot would be considerably less appealing. With every spin contributing a small amount to the fund from every player, the jackpot fund can grow rapidly into a decent amount of money.

One price to play

Budgeting when you play on the Diamond Bonanza slot is very easy as you have to play for $2.50 per spin ($0.50 per payline) as there is no other coin value options available.

However this does mean that very low stakes players may be put off from giving the game a try.

Diamond Bonanza real money NJ slots

What works?


Straightforwardness is the name of the game. Although the Diamond Bonanza online slot has firmly drawn inspiration from the 1920s, given the look and feel of the game, the simple presentation works well and allows you to play through the spins at a rapid pace.


Sometimes slots can be overly complex and difficult to understand, but with the Diamond Bonanza slot, this is most definitely not the case as this is one of the easiest slots to play and understand.

It is a perfect choice for a beginner slot player who wants to get into progressive jackpot gaming.

Progressive jackpot

There’s no doubt that without the progressive jackpot fund, this would have been a markedly inferior slot.

That prize gives the game an added edge and makes it far more attractive to players who want to win a potentially significant amount of money on a relatively simple slot.

What doesn’t?

No other features

If you are a slot fan who enjoys features like free spins, pick me games, multipliers, wild symbols and the like, then you are not going to find anything other than the progressive jackpot to keep you entertained here.

No free spins

The lack of a free spins game, even though this is designed as a plainer slot, is a bit of a disappointment.

For so many NJ online casino game fans, the free spins bonuses are what they aim to land when playing the slot and the lack of this feature will see some players opt not to play.

Repetitive gameplay

With no bonus features, you are simply spinning the base game reels time and time again.

While this can be fun, especially when you are winning, it can quickly become repetitive and a little unexciting, especially if the game tightens up a bit and starts to award fewer or smaller payouts.

The scores

Graphics and soundtrack: 2/5

The graphics on the slot are a reflection of the game itself in that they are simple and easy to understand.

They are based on a 1920s theme and the uncomplicated soundtrack which plays following a spin is also inspired by that era. It’s functional but not really spectacular.

Originality and creativity: 1/5

This is a stripped back slot, so by its very definition it isn’t going to be the most original or creative. Although oddly enough, in the modern world of online slots, finding a game so simple to play is generally rare.

That said, there’s nothing groundbreaking here, hence the low score.

NJ online slot review Diamond Bonanza

Play value: 4/5

This is where the Diamond Bonanza slot scores well.

This is a lower variance game, a rarity when it comes to progressive jackpot games, and the wins you receive across a session are typically generous compared to other slots of a similar ilk and especially other progressives.

Jackpot potential: 3/5

The progressive fund can, in theory, grow to any size. There is potential for a big win, and even a 2,000 jackpot in the base game is not to be sniffed at.

There is solid jackpot potential here, but not quite on a par with some of the bigger more popular progressive games.

Repeat play: 3/5

I think more modern slot gamers may quickly become a bit bored with this slot with no features to unlock.

But new slot gamers will find plenty to enjoy and certainly, I enjoyed the simplicity enough in my sessions to add this to my play list for future sessions.

Total score: 13/25

Sometimes a stripped-down slot can work and Diamond Bonanza does precisely that.

Yes, it is hindered by its dearth of features compared to modern slots, but sometimes a more basic game is not such a bad thing and what it does offer, it offers very well indeed.

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