Flowers Slot Game

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Flowers Slot Game

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Play Free NetEnt Slots in NJ

From adding color, fragrance and beauty to our gardens, to being used in celebration, or at times of great loss, or even just to express your love or compassion for another, flowers are some of the most prevalent objects and symbols in society.

Now, they are the subject of an exciting new slot from Net Entertainment.

Simply called Flowers, this bright and cheerful slot takes a more “Little Shop of Horrors” than purely botanical approach to flowers.

The result is both engaging and fun, retaining the playability that has become a hallmark of the best NetEnt slots of modern times.

Overview: Flowers

Flowers is set against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky and little else, which is perhaps a little stark. But the 30 paylines available on the slot and the ability to play for a jackpot of $37,500 will certainly help keep you focused on the game at hand.

The setup is the usual 5×3 reels and of course, there are the usual wild and free spin symbols on the reels.

The design of the game is cartoon-style with each of the flowers in the slot given a face and a different look. Some look rather cheery and friendly, others, such as the Venus flytrap, look a little more terrifying, while the tulips look positive menacing.

Spins start at $0.30 and can be increased up to $75 per spin.

Who will the Flowers slot appeal to?

There isn’t anybody who enjoys New Jersey online slots that won’t find something to enjoy with the Flowers.

At first glance, it isn’t anything remarkable. The features are generally standard for games released nowadays, and while there’s nothing truly innovative about the game, there’s nothing bad about it either.

You don’t have to be Monty Don to enjoy flowers in your garden and in the same vein, you don’t need to be a slots fanatic to find something enjoyable in this well-presented NetEnt slot.

Sure, it may not scrape the sky when it comes to innovation, but everything it does it does very well, packaged neatly with a fine jackpot to play for.

Gameplay: Flowers

The gameplay is very easy to follow as the game plays like almost any 5×3 slot you have played from NetEnt previously. Being able to alter coin sizes, lines, and bet levels helps players tailor their wages to suit their budget, though the game is best played with all 30 lines in play.

Flowers Slot 1The playing card symbols from jack through to ace are the low symbols in the game, with the flowers acting as the wild card symbols and offering generally much higher payouts.

The first thing to note about the symbols here is that the flower symbols can come as single or double symbols, meaning that you can have two symbols occupying a single space on the reels.

These symbols count toward creating a winning payline, and they are particularly handy as they can offer the player some decent-sized base game payouts.

The other symbols of note are the wild symbols, a sun that replaces both high and low symbols across the reels to create winning paylines. The good news is that the wilds do hit pretty frequently, which does mean a few additional base game wins.

The other symbol of note is the free spin symbol, which like the flower symbol, can come as a single or double. These symbols offer punters two potential benefits.

First, land four or more of the free spins symbols on the reels (including double symbols) to enter the free spins round. Additionally, land three or more free spin symbols to see a bonus multiplier attached to any win on that round.

The multiplier can be anything from 2x the win up to 10x the stated win depending on how many free spin symbols you manage to land on the spin.

The number of free spins you earn is also dependent on the number of free spins symbols landed on a spin. Four gives you the minimum of 10 free spins, but for every additional symbol you land on a spin you earn an additional five free spins, up to a maximum of 30 free spins for eight free spins symbols landed on any single spin.

During free spins, wild symbols are stacked across the reels allowing you a greater chance to win a decent-sized prize, and every win during free spins comes with a 3x multiplier.

Special features: Flowers

Double symbols

On each reel, the high symbols also have a double symbol, which sees two of the high symbols occupying a single space on the reels, offering you a shortcut to a potential winning payline.

Free spins symbol

Flowers Slot 2The free spins symbol can also be a double symbol.

This symbol also offers access to the free spins round, as well as being able to trigger a multiplier for any wins when the free spins symbol pays out.

Free spins bonus

This is potentially the most lucrative part of the game and allows punters the chance to win some significant cash. It is extremely difficult to trigger, however, as it requires four, not three, scatter symbols to be landed on a spin across the reels.

What works?

Double symbols

The addition of double symbols adds real value to the base game and means that you can often earn some decent wins when these symbols land together. Two double symbols together, of higher value flower symbols, will give you a respectable win.

Plentiful wild symbols

On some slots the wild symbols appear infrequently, but on Flowers, they are regular visitors across the reels and often help create winning paylines.

Base game high symbol wins

Land the flower high symbols across the reels during the base game, especially double symbols, and you can win some nice amounts of money during the base game spins, which does add appeal. 

What doesn’t?

Free spins difficult to hit

Flowers 4Without a doubt the biggest blight on the game is the fact that you cannot hit free spins easily.

You can spin through a huge amount of money without ever triggering free spins. If that happens to you, Flowers quickly starts to wilt in comparison to other slots.

Graphics and sound

Okay, so we understand flowers are generally silent but the soundtrack and graphics are a little underwhelming. The sound, in particular, seems taken directly from a 1980s children’s TV show, and not a particularly good one at that.

Low symbol payouts

Base game payouts do vary considerably, but don’t expect to be making money from low symbol wins. Even four symbols will only pay out small amounts, so most low symbols wins are often considerably smaller than your wager.

The scores

Graphics and soundtrack 1.5/5

The Flowers slot is a little basic. Of course, flowers don’t make any sound, so there has to be some creative license, but both the graphics and sounds are unimaginative.

Originality and creativity 2.5/5

This is very much a typical slot with a couple of innovations, such as double symbols and the way to access free spins. There isn’t anything groundbreaking here, but these additions mean it gets around half marks.

Play value 3/5

Flowers Slot 3A good mix of win sizes in the base game means that even with small low symbol payouts, you can even that out with better-sized wins using the higher symbols.

Add in an agreeable jackpot and the value here for this slot isn’t too bad if you play for the right stakes.

Jackpot potential 3/5

A 75,000-coin jackpot is certainly nothing to sneeze at and that could amount to around $37,500 in cold hard cash if played for the highest stakes.

Repeat play 2.5/5

There’s real frustration at being unable to hit the lucrative free spins round. But the fact that there are some good cash wins available in the base game, especially using the double symbol feature, means you’ll likely give the Flowers slot a chance to try and win you over.

Total score 12.5/25

There’s nothing to dislike about the Flowers slot, but its positives have a few negative counterparts which stop it from reaching blooming potential. This is a decent slot, well worth a few spins, with a lucrative free spins round, if you can hit it.