Invaders From Planet Moolah Slots

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Invaders From Planet Moolah Slots

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Play Free WMS Slots in NJ

It seems the bovine inhabitants of the Planet Moolah have decided to target Earth for their next invasion and, of course, they begin by launching their attack at a farmhouse.

In this slot, you get to follow the tongue-in-cheek invasion as some ego-maniac cattle blast winning paylines out of existence with their ray guns, and replace them with new symbols with the cascading reels feature.

Let’s get moo-ving on learning just how this slot plays.

Overview: Invaders from Planet Moolah

Planet Moolah 3Usually when it comes to invaders from another world, it’s the poor cattle that get the raw end of the deal. Unspeakably nasty things happen to them or else they’re abducted by aliens.

So it’s about time they got their own back in Invaders From Planet Moolah.

There are five saucer-flying cows at the top of the screen and on every spin, they fill the 5×3 “reels” with symbols. If you land a winning payline, then the cows will zap the winning symbols with their lasers, making them disappear and allowing new symbols to cascade down in their place, potentially triggering new winning paylines.

You can play for as little as $0.25 up to $50 per spin on this exciting slot by WMS, which features a host of farm-themed symbols including a farm girl, an outdoor toilet, a barn, a milk carton, car and many more.

With a free spins round triggered in a very different way to usual, Invaders From Planet Moolah are ready to tear the farm apart in their quest.Who will the Invaders from Planet Moolah slot appeal to?

This is an interesting slot because it contains many elements that you find in traditional slots, such as the 5×3 matrix, the changeable bet size, a free spins round, a stacked wild symbol on the reels, but intersperses little quirks, such as a very unusual theme, cascading reels and an uncommon way of hitting free spins.

As such, this is a slot that ticks boxes for most people. There are certainly enough things here to keep the general New Jersey online slots enthusiast entertained, but there are also enough new features and unusual items to keep a slot fan looking for something a little different interested too.

However, with a relatively small jackpot, this isn’t really a slot that will appeal to fans of the bigger jackpot games.

Gameplay: Invaders from Planet Moolah

The first thing to note about the game is that it technically doesn’t have reels. This is a cascading reels game, which means that the symbols don’t spin, but instead fall down from above from Planet Moolah 2underneath each of the five flying saucers sat atop the reels.

You can play for as little as $0.25 up to $50 per spin and the low and high symbols that cascade down are all farm-themed, as mentioned above.

The graphics are cartoon-style and the game sounds rather space-age with unusual, yet oddly comical, sounds accompanying each reel spin.

The base game sees plenty of smaller wins, but what makes the game tick is the cascading reels feature.

This means that it’s possible to hit several winning paylines from a single spin (as the winning payline gets zapped by the flying saucers and replaced with new symbols dropping down from above).

It is this feature which allows you to access the free spins mode. You need to hit four consecutive cascading reels wins from a single spin to trigger free spins, but if you hit more than four successive wins, you can trigger an even greater number of free spins. In fact you could win up to 50 free spins if you land enough cascading reels wins in succession.

This feature really does add a considerable amount to the base game and can trigger some of the bigger wins in the game, even when compared to the wins you can land in the free spins round, or even if you land the jackpot win in the base game. This means players feel they have a chance of a decent win on every spin.

Other than this feature, Invaders From Planet Moolah is a simple, enjoyable slot on a rather unusual theme. There are plenty of nice touches, but it lacks the depth of some other modern slots. However, its generally generous payouts mean it will likely attract some slots aficionados to keep playing for a considerable time.

Special features: Invaders from Planet Moolah

Cascading reels

This is a popular feature which sees winning payline symbols disappear and replaced with symbols dropping down from above, creating chains of winning paylines which then become the way you access the free spins game.

Jackpot symbol

Rather than triggering the base game jackpot there is a symbol on the reels, which when landed five across a winning payline, pays you the base game jackpot.

Stacked wilds

Wilds are stacked across reels two to five, which helps create multiple winning paylines on a single spin.

What works?

Cascading reels

This is always a popular feature, and with the flying saucers above the reels, it works very well on this game. The chance to win multiple paylines from a single spin is Planet Moolah 1obviously a big incentive for the slot player.

Free spins

It is nice not to have the three-or-more scatter approach to free spins for once, so using the cascading reels feature to access free spins gives the game added appeal and means on every winning spin, you have the potential to earn free spins.

What doesn’t?

Jackpot symbol

The jackpot symbol isn’t really that important, because the size of the win and its rarity mean that you are better off targeting wins in the cascading reels feature. In that respect, this option is a tad disappointing.

Hitting free spins

Hitting free spins isn’t easy; too often your run of successive wins stops at three, which is disappointing. Especially as the music ramps up to a crescendo. It is worth persevering however, as when you hit it, you can get some great wins on this feature.

Lack of other bonuses

The rest of the game is simply a standard slot, albeit with cascading reels. A couple of extra-terrestrial features would have helped liven the slot up a little more in the base game. A bonus game and better jackpot would have helped keep players more interested.

The scores

[wp-review id=”5456″]

Graphics and soundtrack 2/5

The graphics are of the cartoon variety and are enjoyable enough. The soundtrack is space age, which does leave the farm-related symbols looking a little incongruous. There’s nothing to dislike with how the game looks; it just isn’t top quality.

Originality and creativity 3/5

The cascading reels and how they trigger the free spins bonus is the key to the appeal of the game, and I like the fact it is not just more scatter symbol hits required.

Play value 2/5

Regular smaller wins are the order of the day as bigger wins only tend to come when you hit a high number of successive payline wins on cascading reels or trigger a decent number of free spins.

Jackpot potential 0.5/5

The jackpot is very small and unlikely to attract any slots fans seeking a life-changing amount of money.

Repeat play 2.5/5

Apart from the cascading reels feature, there’s isn’t a ton of reason to come back, given the jackpot.

Total score 10/25

This is a fun slot with one very good feature, but little substance behind that. It’s an engaging slot on an out of the ordinary theme, but there are some odd elements of the slot which mean it doesn’t quite meld as a whole. It’s fun for a few spins but lacks longevity.