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FanDuel Sportsbook has already secured a spot on the Mount Rushmore of online sportsbooks in the US, and it also is a top choice for anyone living in New Jersey who’s trying to decide which sportsbook app to use. Sign up with FanDuel NJ and claim a $1,000 no sweat first bet. No FanDuel code is needed to get the welcome bonus.

Keep reading this FanDuel Sportsbook NJ review that covers all the important aspects of the online sportsbook app. We’ll go over how to get signed up, banking options and placing bets, along with new promos and betting options.

Why Choose FanDuel NJ Sportsbook?
  • Up to $1,000 No Sweat First Bet.
  • Year-round promos beyond just the welcome offer.
  • Outstanding sportsbook app for betting on the go.
  • One of the top companies in sports betting.
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FanDuel NJ welcome bonus: up to $1,000


Your first real-money wager will be no sweat. Start by following our link to create your new account. From there, you can receive a refund on your first bet if it loses, up to $1,000, and the best part is how FanDuel refunds your money. If online casinos are more your thing, you do have the option of claiming FanDuel Casino NJ‘s welcome bonuses that are worth up to $2,000. Just bear in mind that you cannot claim both bonuses. You must select either the FanDuel Sportsbook welcome offer or the FanDuel Casino welcome bonus.

If that first bet doesn’t come through for you, you’ll receive your refund in bonus bets. At most online sportsbooks, when you receive a bonus bet, it will for a one-time bet. However, FanDuel’s bonus bets allow you to wager that money however you want.

The one major condition that you need to be mindful of is that you only get 14 days to use your FanDuel New Jersey bonus bets. If everything goes perfectly, you would place your first bet at FanDuel and win that wager and enjoy the windfall to your bankroll. If, however, it loses, you could potentially win back most of your initial wager and then some in the ensuing two weeks.

FanDuel Sportsbook NJ Promo Code – Up to $1,000 Bonus 7

FanDuel Sportsbook promo code NJ 2023

FanDuel Sportsbook NJ Promo Code None - Click here to claim FanDuel NJ bonus
Welcome Offer No sweat first bet for up to $1,000
Casino Welcome Offer Up to $2,000 no-sweat day
Terms & Conditions Casino and sportsbook welcome bonuses cannot be combined
Online Since September 2018
Last Updated May 2023

FanDuel Sportsbook New Jersey Promotions

Among the many reasons that the FanDuel online sportsbook is so popular is all the promos it runs. Let’s be very clear, though: Not all promos are created equal, so just because a sportsbook has a lot of offers doesn’t necessarily mean they are good.

Among the biggest things that separates FanDuel from its competitors in the promos department is how its gives out refunds. Same as with the welcome offer, you receive bonus bets, which allows you to choose how to spend your promotional money, which we consider a major perk. Here are some of the promos you’ll find:

  • Insurance promos: Parlays are arguably the most popular way to bet, but it’s painful to miss a big payday when just one of your picks fails. FanDuel helps lessen that blow by offering multiple parlay insurance promotions where you receive up to $25 back if just one leg of your parlay falls short. FanDuel also offers other forms of insurance. For example, during the NHL season, you’ll receive up to $50 back if the team you placed a pregame moneyline wager on is leading after the first period but goes on to lose the game. Or, during certain UFC fights, FanDuel offered up to $1,000 back if your pick lost by either majority or split decision.
  • Spread the Love: These promotions aren’t quite as rare as Halley’s comet, but they might be just as impressive. For Spread the Love promotions, FanDuel increases the line on a specific game based on how many users bet on it. Normally, the line gets so high (around 100 points or more) that a win is all but guaranteed. Betting is capped at $50 per person, but at the usual -110 odds for these offers, that still wins you $45.45.
  • Free contests: FanDuel also offers various free contests where you can pocket real money. A lot of these contests are for FanDuel’s daily fantasy sports site, but if you do win, you can spend that money at the sportsbook.

While FanDuel has lots of great offers, we can’t stress enough that to take advantage of them you MUST go to the FanDuel promotions page and opt in to them. This takes a simple click of a button, but failing to do so means you will not be eligible for any of the bonuses.

Is FanDuel legal in New Jersey?

Yes, FanDuel was among the first online sportsbooks to be licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and debuted in the state on Sept. 1, 2018. On top of that, it currently is licensed and operational in nine other states across the US.

To bet at FanDuel New Jersey, you need to be 21 or older and you also must be within state lines at the time you submit a bet. For this reason, you must have geolocation software on the device you are using to bet. The software will use GPS to verify that you’re in New Jersey. If it determines you are not in the state, you will not be allowed to bet.

Be cognizant that while you can bet on college sports on FanDuel, it is illegal to bet on any NCAA events taking place in New Jersey or on any games featuring college teams from the state. So you are not able to bet on local teams like Seton Hall or Rutgers.

How to create a FanDuel account in New Jersey

Joining FanDuel takes only a few minutes, can be accomplished from anywhere (as long as you have a connection to the internet) and is super simple. Start by opening the app or website. Tap "Join now” and then enter the following info:

  • First and last name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Birthday
  • Final four digits of your Social Security number

The only other thing you need to do is come up with a secure password. If all that sounds easy, that’s because it is. You actually can get signed up with FanDuel from anywhere, but you can place bets only when you are in New Jersey or one of the other states where it is licensed to operate.

FanDuel Sportsbook app in NJ - $1,000 no sweat first bet

The FanDuel app is terrific whether you have an Android or iOS device.

How to download the FanDuel app for New Jersey

If you’re not sure how to get FanDuel on your mobile device, just use one of our links to make sure you get the correct version, because FanDuel also has a DFS-specific app. Once on the FanDuel page, click the link to get the appropriate app for your device (Apple or Android). Follow the prompts from there to download and install the app.

Navigating the app

The FanDuel app and website are extremely similar, which is great because it makes shifting from one to the other super smooth.

At the top of the app are listings for all the current games you can bet on at that exact moment followed by links for FanDuel’s promotions page and then the top events on which to wager. Following that is a marquee showing the current promos you can opt in to.

From there, the bulk of the app screen has sports you can bet on. There are tabs to view the most popular games to bet on, the live games and then that day’s odds boost offerings. No matter where you are on the app, you can always get back to the homepage by clicking the home button in the lower left corner or the FanDuel Sportsbook logo in the upper left.

How to bet on the FanDuel app

If you have never placed a wager on an app, it can be a little intimidating the first time, but there’s nothing to fear. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be betting like a pro in no time.

  1. To add wagers to your bet slip, all you need to do is click on the one(s) you’d like to place. You can make one bet at a time, or select multiple wagers and add them to your betting slip.
  2. Then click your bet slip to open it. From there, you can place straight bets or a multi-bet like a round robin, teaser or parlay.
  3. All that remains is adding either the amount you’d like to bet or the amount you’d like to win. Before placing your bet, take a second to check that you’re comfortable with everything you’re betting on, how much you’re risking and how much you stand to win.

That’s all there is to it, though it’s worth mentioning that if odds change before you place your bets, you’ll be notified of the change and asked if you approve.

FanDuel promotions and your account

The two other important areas on the FanDuel app are the promos page and your account.

To view all of FanDuel’s promos, click on "Promotions.” Not only does it allow you to see all of the current bonus offers, but this is where you opt in to be qualified for them. There’s a green button for each offer that you must click to opt in. Once you click it, the button will change to "Bet now!” signifying that you are qualified for the promo.

To open your account, select "Account” at the lower right. There are two big buttons for depositing and withdrawing funds from FanDuel. And below those you’ll see links to take you to your account summary, check your transaction history, contact support and log out.

FanDuel had years of practice running a successful DFS app before debuting its online sportsbook, and it shows. The FanDuel Sportsbook app is a great way to bet on sports, and it functions well regardless of your device. We definitely endorse getting it.

Best features of the FanDuel Sportsbook app

Here are three of our favorite features that FanDuel has to offer New Jersey sports bettors:

  • Bonus offers: FanDuel has arguably the best sports betting promotions in the industry. And remember, FanDuel bonus bets give you much more freedom than you have with bonus bets at other online sportsbooks.
  • Single-game parlays: There still are a lot of sportsbooks that aren’t offering SGPs as a betting option, whereas FanDuel was one of the first to do so. SGPs are great if you just want to focus on one game, while still being able to win a big parlay wager.
  • Betting slip: The purpose of an online sportsbook is to bet on sports, and the bet slip at FanDuel makes that as easy as possible. It’s not rocket science, but that doesn’t change the fact that the bet slips at some sportsbooks are not the easiest to use, and that’s simply not the case here.

How could FanDuel improve?

We already told you that FanDuel is one of the best sportsbooks in the Garden State, but even so, there still are a few things that could make it even better.

  • Start a rewards program: How great would it be if FanDuel rewarded bettors for each wager they placed, win or lose? Instead, it doesn’t matter how much or how often you bet at FanDuel, there is no rewards program, no matter how much we wish there was.
  • Stop requiring opt-ins: What could make the FanDuel promotions even better? If you didn’t have to opt in to all of them. We would like to see FanDuel take a page out of PointsBet’s playbook and nix the opt-in. It’s not a major hassle, but it still would be easier without having to do it.
  • More withdrawal options: Presently, you can withdraw money via PayPal, an online bank transfer or by having a check mailed directly to you. While these are solid options, it would be nice if FanDuel offered a couple more. However, we admit that this is very nitpicky.

Types of bets available on FanDuel New Jersey sportsbook

FanDuel has an abundance of ways to bet on sports, from moneylines to single-game parlays. Here’s a quick look at all of them.

  • Moneylines are bets where you pick the winner, nothing else. When a team is listed in positive figures like +275, a successful $100 wager would result in you winning $275. When a team is listed in negative figures like -450, it would require a successful $450 bet to win $100.
  • Point spreads help even the playing field, so to speak. To win, your wager must factor in an estimated margin of victory. When a team is listed as -2.5, that means it has to win by more than three points to cover the spread. The opposing team will be listed at +2.5, so as long as it doesn’t lose by three points or more, it’ll cover.
  • Over/unders allow you to bet on the number of points that both teams will combine to score in a game. Who wins is irrelevant.
  • Props are another bet that is not concerned with the overall outcome of a game. Instead, most prop bets are wagers on whether a particular occurrence will happen, either game-, team- or player-dependent.
  • With parlays, you combine two or more bets, and for your parlay to win, all your bets need to be correct. Regular parlays cover multiple games; for example, you could bet on the Devils, Rangers and Islanders all to win. A single-game parlay, meanwhile, involves multiple bets on a single game. For example, you could bet on the 76ers to win, the over to hit and Joel Embiid to collect more than 11.5 rebounds.
  • Teasers are another bet where you make multiple selections, in this case for either football or basketball, and all your picks will be spread bets. Then you decide how many points you want to tease the lines for all your selections, moving them in your favor.
  • Round robins are another type of multiple bet. You’ll make three selections or more, and your selections will be paired in such a way that you can miss one and still win some money.
  • Futures bets refer to wagers you make on long-term outcomes, such as the New Jersey Devils winning the NHL’s Eastern Conference or on a particular player being named MVP.
  • Live betting is when you bet on games currently being played. Most of the bets we’ve covered are available for live betting. Just be sure you don’t hesitate when live betting; if you wait too long, the odds you liked could change dramatically.

Sports you can bet on at FanDuel in New Jersey

You can find a complete listing of every sport you can wager on by going to the FanDuel Sportsbook app, but we put together a quick roundup of all the major pro and college sports you can wager on right here.

Both college basketball and football are available for NCAA bets, along with NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, UFC, MLS, WNBA, golf and tennis markets on the pro side. But those are just the biggest American sports leagues. FanDuel has betting markets for international soccer (including the World Cup), hockey and basketball leagues, too.

Simply put, FanDuel Sportsbook has betting markets for just about every sports fan out there. If there’s a sport you’re interested in, and we didn’t mention it, check out FanDuel, and chances are it’ll be there.

New Jersey teams you can bet on

If you’re looking to bet on local teams, we’re fortunate to have many professional and even a few college teams nearby, even if most of them don’t actually call New Jersey home.

  • In the NFL there are the New York Jets and New York Giants, both of which play in New Jersey. There also are the Philadelphia Eagles just across the Delaware River.
  • For NHL fans, we have the New Jersey Devils along with the New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers.
  • Major League Baseball has the New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets.
  • The NBA offers the Brooklyn Nets, which used to call New Jersey home, and the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers.
  • There’s only one WNBA team in the immediate vicinity, and that’s the New York Liberty.
  • When it comes to the MLS there are another two NYC clubs - the New York City FC and New York Red Bulls - with the Philadelphia Union being your third option.
  • For NCAA football and basketball, remember that you can’t bet on in-state schools like Princeton, Rutgers and Seton Hall. There are, however, nearby schools like Penn, Temple, Columbia and St. John’s.

New Jersey futures betting

The FanDuel app has a fairly extensive futures betting market for most major sports in the US and overseas. You will find odds for teams to win division, conference and overall titles.

You could, for instance, bet on the New Jersey Devils to win the Stanley Cup, the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl, the Brooklyn Nets to win the NBA Finals or the New York Yankees to win the World Series.

FanDuel also has futures for players. Maybe you want to bet on Kevin Durant to win the MVP award or Nathan MacKinnon to win the Hart Memorial Trophy.

The easiest way to see the current futures markets that FanDuel is offering is by clicking on the sport you’re interested in and then looking for either the "Futures” or "Player futures” header.

How to deposit and cash out on the FanDuel app

FanDuel has a lot of ways to put money into your account, and while it doesn’t have as many options for withdrawals, you’ll still likely find something that works. Here are the ways you can deposit:

  • Online bank transfer
  • Credit or debit card
  • PayPal
  • FanDuel gift card
  • Prepaid Play+ debit card
  • PayNearMe
  • Wire transfer

And when it comes to making withdrawals, here are your options:

  • PayPal
  • Online bank transfer
  • Check in the mail

There is one more choice for both cashing out and depositing money at FanDuel in New Jersey, which is to head to the FanDuel Sportsbook cage at the Meadowlands Racetrack or the casino cage at Bally's AC, which are home to FanDuel’s retail sportsbooks.

How to contact FanDuel customer support

If you encounter a problem, you can submit a ticket via the website or app. You also can start a live chat on both of those platforms with a FanDuel representative. On the FanDuel help page, there are links to help you diagnose and fix the issue on your own. There also is a search bar to help find an answer.

Responsible gambling at FanDuel online sports betting

To help encourage responsible gambling, you will find multiple ways to enact limits on your FanDuel account. You have the options of setting both limits and alerts that will either prevent you from depositing or wagering more than your preset amount or to alert you if you have entered a certain number of contests in a given time period.

On top of that, FanDuel allows users to exclude themselves from the New Jersey sportsbook for a set amount of time or forever. You also can find materials to help you or someone you know get assistance with a gambling addiction.

Where are the FanDuel retail sportsbooks?

FanDuel has a retail sportsbook at Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford close to MetLife Stadium, where the Giants and Jets play their home games.

Another is located at Bally's Atlantic City, just off the casino floor.

At the Meadowlands, not only will you find free parking available seven days a week, but Victory Sports Bar has 50+ HDTVs, 20-foot long video boards and a covered outdoor area.

  • Address: 1 Racetrack Drive, East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • Phone: 201-842-5102
  • Website:
  • Amenities: Over 50 HDTVs, bar area that includes 20-foot-long screens, tented area to accommodate more patrons, free parking
  • Betting: 17 windows, one of which is for high-limit bettors, and three kiosks.
  • Hours: Sunday to Friday, 10 a.m.-midnight
    Saturday, 10 a.m.-2 a.m.
  • Opened: July 14, 2018

The FanDuel Sportsbook at Bally's is footsteps away from the center of the Atlantic City Boardwalk and casino floor. Self-parking fee ranges based on the day and season. The centerpiece of the space is the 25-foot-wide LED video wall.

FanDuel Sportsbook at Bally's Atlantic City

  • Address: 1900 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Phone: 609-340-2000
  • Website:
  • Amenities: 25-foot-wide state-of-the-art LED video wall, two 10-foot-wide LED video walls, pub-style fare and iPourIt self-pour beverage dispenser beer wall
  • Betting: 5 windows and 20 kiosks.
  • Hours: Monday and Thursday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; Tuesday to Wednesday, 3 p.m.-11 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-12 a.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.-11 p.m.
  • Opened: March 15, 2021

Is FanDuel the best sportsbook in New Jersey?

In our estimation it’s a two-horse race between FanDuel and DraftKings, just like it was during the DFS wars in the previous decade.

Just like then, it’s hard to differentiate between the two, and in many ways which is best probably has more to do with personal preference than anything else. However, right now FanDuel does offer one thing that DraftKings doesn’t, and that’s single-game parlays.

In addition to that, FanDuel’s welcome bonus is better than DraftKings’ in our opinion, so we might just have to say that as of right now, FanDuel is leading DraftKings by a nose. But really, you can’t go wrong with either.

FanDuel Sportsbook NJ FAQ


When you join FanDuel Sportsbook in New Jersey this month you can claim a no sweat first bet for up to $1,000. You do not need a FanDuel NJ promo code to unlock this welcome bonus. Check out the FanDuel NJ no sweat bet section above for full T&Cs.


Yes, FanDuel Sportsbook is licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. As such, that makes FanDuel a reputable brand and one you can feel safe doing business with. The NJDGE can be reached via email ([email protected]) or phone (609-984-0909) if you have any complaints about FanDuel or any other NJ sportsbooks.


All sports bettors must be a minimum of 21 years old in order to place bets in the Garden State. You also must be in New Jersey at the time you bet; that’s why you need to have geolocation technology enabled on your smartphone, computer or tablet. If the system is unable to verify that you’re in the state, you will not be able to bet.


We regret to tell you that you can’t bet on Princeton or on any NCAA game featuring a New Jersey-based school. Betting on NCAA events that take place in New Jersey also is prohibited.


Yes, FanDuel has daily odds boosts that you will find under the "Odds boosts” header. As for early cash-outs, the bets that qualify will have a unique cash-out symbol next to them. Just like placing bets, you are not allowed to cash out a wager unless you are physically in New Jersey at the time.


Somewhat. You will be able to make deposits and withdrawals from anywhere that has an internet connection. However, you can’t place a bet unless you are in New Jersey. Other states where FanDuel is legal are Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Colorado, Michigan and Virginia.


Not only does FanDuel have some of the best odds around, but it also runs some of the best promotions that you will find at any sportsbook in New Jersey. FanDuel also offers same-game parlays for NFL, NBA and MLB games.