Raging Rhino Slots

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Raging Rhino Slots

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Play Free WMS Slots in NJ

If you’ve ever seen a real life rhino working into a rage, you likely didn’t stick around too long. Weighing in at close to a ton and able to run faster than Usain Bolt, these creatures are not to be trifled with in the physical world.

However in the world of slots, a Raging Rhino is the perfect theme for an African wildlife slot, with the eponymous rhino acting as the highest scoring base game symbol. Let’s take a look at how the rest of the game, a product of WMS Gaming, shapes up.

Overview: Raging Rhino

Raging Rhino 1Before you even get into the finer details of the slot, the first thing that strikes you when you load up the game here is that Raging Rhino looks different than other slots due to its one extra reel;  this is an unusual 6×4 reel slot.

This means it plays very differently to the usual 5×3 reel slot and that on every spin there are actually a massive 4,096 ways you can win across the reels.

However, the good news is that your initial bet can start at just $0.40, though you can increase that all the way up to $60 per spin.

The slot itself is clean in that the high and low symbols are clear.

The usual playing card low symbols are back and the rhino and his animal friends are the high symbols across the reel. There are also easily identifiable wild symbols and scatter symbols on the reel and symbols are stacked across the reels.

In terms of graphics and sounds, Raging Rhino is more of a whispering rhino at times, but the sound effects are cleverly done and the game itself plays nicely, although an autoplay option would have been one key improvement.

Who will the Raging Rhino slot appeal to?

This game will appeal to players seeking something a bit different than the usual 5×3 reel slot game and with more potential winning options available on every spin. Still, even with six reels, four symbols on each, and more than 4,000 ways to win, you don’t get a win as often as you would think.

The fact that the free spins round also offers the chance to earn additional free spins from within by landing two gem symbols (the scatter symbol) will certainly attract free spins fans to try the game. The free spins round can prove lucrative, even if you don’t win on too many of those free spins.

Where to play Raging Rhino in NJ

Fear not, New Jersey online slots fans! You do not have to travel to a far-flung location to encounter Raging Rhino.

Just hoof it on over to Tropicana online casino or VirginCasino.com to start your adventure. Alternatively, you can play the game at Golden Nugget in NJ.

Gameplay: Raging Rhino

Raging Rhino is one of the gems in the WMS crown as it is the highest variance game ever produced by the company, which means that most wins are small and infrequent, but there is always a Raging Rhino 3chance that a mega win might come along.

If you are going to get the most from this slot, you need to be someone patient enough to play it enough to give yourself a chance of that happening.

The slot itself plays nicely and even though there are six reels instead of five, the game doesn’t drag. Spotting the payline wins is relatively simple once you are used to the extra symbols on the screen.

The sound effects are also worthy of mention with a plethora of jungle and savannah sounds as the background. When the reels spin and when you hit free spins in particular, you get a fantastic drumming accompaniment which helps infuse the slot with a little action, drama, and pace.

The nature of the game is such that you are not going to have big wins that often. The sheer number of permutations on the reel ensures that big wins are rare, but that means when you hit them you can expect a big payout.

As such, if you are seeking a game that is cheap to play and tops up your bankroll regularly with smaller wins, then Raging Rhino won’t be your game.

However, if you prefer these higher variance games which offer the chance of a huge reward, then this is a great slot to try. The action kicks up a notch when you trigger free spins, and the fact you can earn five additional free spins each time you land two of the gem scatter symbols on the reels during free spins can help prolong the game.

However, hitting free spins is no guarantee of a big win. You can find that you’ll win just a small amount (in which case the bonus guarantee kicks in and awards you at least 10x your usual bet) but occasionally, you’ll hit the mother lode when it comes to the free spins game and that is when the Raging Rhino slot pays off.

Special features: Raging Rhino

Tree wild

When used to complete a winning payline, the tree wild also awards a multiplier of between 2x and 3x the usual win. The tree wild is active in both the base game and the free spins bonus round.

Free spins

You can earn up to 50 free spins in the base game by landing between three and six of the diamond scatter symbols across the reels. Furthermore, during free spins, every time you land two scatters on the reels, you win a further five free spins.

What works?

Big wins

Be under no illusions: Raging Rhino is one of the most volatile slots you can play and big wins are by no means guaranteed. But if you are fortunate enough to hit a big win, Raging Rhino 2especially with a wild and during free spins, you can win some huge amounts of money playing the game.

Sound effects

The sounds on the slot are perfectly suited to the game with a jungle noise backdrop when the wheels are not spinning, but with a gentle drumming accompaniment (which increases in speed during free spins) during the base game.


The tree wild is a very useful feature, especially when you hit bigger wins with it as the multiplier bonus can turn a decent-sized win into a huge win if you can hit 2x or 3x the win amount.

What doesn’t?


Given the highly volatile nature of the slot, you can hit a big win after just a few spins, or play for a long time without hitting a win of any note. When that happens, this can be a very expensive slot to play, especially at the upper end of the betting scale.


Given that this is one of the most volatile slots WMS has produced, I was expecting more features than simply a free spins round. While free spins work well, it is very much just a base game and free spins offering which is a bit disappointing given the possibilities available for this slot.


With the Raging Rhino slot having so many permutations, this would have been a great slot to try a progressive jackpot fund. The fact that it lacks one is a tad disappointing as it would have suited the game well and certainly made it appeal more to jackpot hunters.

The scores

[wp-review id=”5524″]

Graphics and soundtrack 4/5

The soundtrack is excellent and scores full marks, but the graphics are somewhat bland and derivative, thus nothing to get excited about. That is what drags this down from a top mark score here.

Originality and creativity 2/5

Sure, it’s a high volatility slot and yes, it is a 6×4 matrix all of which score well here, but essentially you have a base game and free spins round, neither of which are particularly inspiring or creative.

Play value 2.5/5

I’m giving Raging Rhino half marks for play value as you do win smaller amounts, but the real value comes from those far less frequent bigger wins. Provided you expect this when you play, you won’t be disappointed with your value for money.

Jackpot potential 3/5

You can win some nice cash in the free spins round if you hit the right combinations at the right time. While the jackpot isn’t huge, there’s certainly enough to keep you coming back for more.

Repeat play 3/5

There’s enough in the Raging Rhino slot to keep you coming back for more, but you’ll just need to make sure you play at the right betting level to ensure you can play for long enough to trigger those elusive free spins.

Total score 14.5/25

This is a solid slot from WMS with some lovely touches and genuine volatility, but there just isn’t a huge amount to the slot beyond the base game and free spins that gets you very excited.