Caesars Sportsbook Debuts Super Bowl Squares In Time For Bengals-Rams Big Game Showdown

Written By Dave Bontempo on February 4, 2022
Caesars Super Bowl Squares

Super Bowl Squares betting just gained a dash of panache.

Caesars Sportsbook posts an innovative manual-control twist to the heralded Super Bowl Squares for the Feb. 13 Big Game.

Rather than pick squares and hope the game score matches the random numbers later assigned to each square, NJ online sports bettors can bet on any potential outcome. They can handicap and then make individual wagers on game scores they consider possible.

Each of 100 different number combinations on the final score is available as a separate betting option rather than in the classic squares format.

Explaining the Caesars Sportsbook Super Bowl Square odds

Betting returns range from +2000 (20-1) for high-probability outcomes of “0 and 7” to +30000 (300- 1) on numbers one wouldn’t touch even with someone else’s money, like “5” and “5.”

New Jersey bettors and non-gambling fans have long loved this Super Bowl tradition.  It’s been played on a 100-square grid, with each square containing the number the player tries to match up with the final digit of each team.

When the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 in the 2018 Super Bowl for example, the winning numbers were Philadelphia 1 and New England 3.

The beauty for novices is that a favorable draw can produce popular numbers like “0” and “7.” They can win without being football fans.  This is what enhances Super Bowl parties that have the squares because casual fans stay interested.

The frustration for serious players is that it’s all too random.

Until now.

Pick a score you consider possible and bet it. Play as many combos as you like. Hone in, find an edge and treat the squares like any other prop.

This innovative wager, however, only applies to the final score (including overtime). In future years, it may cover each quarter. But for now, final score only.

In honor of the 10-by -10 grid of the classic squares, here are 10 observations.

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1. How to find Caesars Sportsbook Squares

Bettors can locate Caesars Squares in the Future Bets menu of the football betting page.

Don’t be thrown by the look, which is different than the grid of 100 squares. Instead, each of 100 different possibilities is listed as an individual bet.

Los Angeles Rams 7 and Cincinnati Bengals 0, fittingly, has the shortest odds of +2000.

2. This idea may catch fire

It would not be surprising to see this format presented next season during prime-time games in this form or with all the quarters. Bettors love in-game action and giving them a sense of renewal in each quarter would accomplish that. Approvals from states and technology capability will determine whether this happens, but it seems logical.

3. Forget about luck of the Super Bowl Squares draw

Gone is the oh-no moment. What, you drew a pair of deuces in the classic squares format?  We’ll send you a sympathy card. Bettors can wager with the popular numbers of 0, 3, 7 and 4 at Caesars Squares.

4. Bets can vary

Put $10 on a hot prime number, put $2 on a longshot, or any other combination that seems comfortable. Ever wish you had been able to take more boxes or squares? Almost always. Now you can.

5. New Caesars Sportsbook format encourages grouping of numbers

One might take a range of consecutive numbers, like 7-8-9-0, with each team. Make four cracks at 25-1 shots, for example, and you’ve given yourself a much better chance to make a collection in the neighborhood of 6-1.

Roulette players who wager on sections of the wheel do the same thing, as do boxing and MMA bettors who play a group of rounds for a knockout. Trade some payout in exchange for more chances to win.

6. What about Super Bowl Squares final-score-only strategy?

After teams reach 20 points, it’s harder to land on a 0.  You’d only have 30, with 40 being even more remote. This also brings 8 into play a little more, as in 28 and 38.

7.  The number 1 is streaky

It has come up for the winning team in the last two and in three of the last four Super Bowls.  It had a run of three straight between 2010-12.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers landed on it in a 31-9 triumph over the Kansas City Chiefs last year. The Chiefs won over the San Francisco 49ers in 2020, 31-20.

8. And it worked for the Eagles

They ended on that number in their 41-33 triumph over the Patriots.

That game, incidentally, was only the third 41-33 score in NFL history. The first was a 1954 win by the Eagles over the then-Washington Redskins. The next was a 1960 victory by San Diego Chargers over the Denver Broncos.

9. Some Super Bowl Square combos still haven’t hit

No game has ever ended in 2 and 2 or 5 and 5. Both are among five outcomes that command +30000 or 300-1 odds here. You would expect that. But somewhere amongst 55 previous Super Bowls, you’d figure there’d have been a 0-0 finale.  As in 20-10, 30-20, etc.


It almost happened. The New York Giants defeated the Denver Broncos 39-20 in 1987 and missed a fourth-quarter extra point. The book still respects this outcome, putting a 0 and 0 finish at +4000.

10. The Caesars Sportsbook version does not have to replace the classic squares

Many gamblers play them for big money. They still offer a major edge by delivering a winner in every quarter of the game. There are more payouts, more lead changes, more edge-of-the-seat excitement.

Many players will take a shot with Caesars Squares and still play classic squares.

A little fun with Philadelphia Eagles history

Here is what these squares would have paid if the same betting odds for this game existed when the Eagles played in their three Super Bowls and 1960 NFL championship:

  • 2018: Eagles 41, New England Patriots 33.  That’s +9000 or 90-1
  • 2005: Patriots 24, Eagles 21. That’s +4000 or 40-1. Patriots 4, Eagles 1, converts to a Bengals 4 and Rams 1 in this one, a fairly common chance.
  • 1980: Oakland Raiders 27, Eagles 10.  Would have been +2100 or 21-1. The classic 7 and 0 numbers everybody loves.
  • 1960: Eagles 17, Green Bay Packers 13 for the NFL title. Sure, it predates the Lombardi Trophy but the Eagles beat the man it’s named for, Packers coach Vince Lombardi, in this game.  Let’s throw them in. Their victory by that score would be +2600 using the Rams 7 and Bengals 3.

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