Legal Online Casinos New Jersey

Gambling has been part of New Jersey for long, with the various forms of it practiced for long. However, it was only in 2018 that sports betting was legalized in the state after being a privilege of Nevada for years.

While land-based betting has been legal in the state for long, online gambling was not really given any attention. The legalization of gambling in other states such as Connecticut and Ohio, as well as Delaware resulted in reduced revenue for the state, which prompted then-Gov. Chris Christie and other law makers to push for legislation that would legalize it  to change the state’s fortune.

New Jersey Forging Ahead

There has been no turning back for the state, and now close to two dozen online websites have been launched since 2014. With sports betting as part of the offer, several sportsbooks have been launched and more are expected to mushroom.

Part of the online casinos legal requirement is for all players to be at least aged 21 and to be within the borders of NJ to play. Each legal online casino has to be licensed under an existing land-based casino and of course, disclose its income to both federal and state governments.

Legal Requirements

The NJDGE – New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement requires compliance from each operator. Each legal gambling casino has to hold an Internet Gaming Permit issued by the organization, submit to the NJDGE all its games for audit, ensure that only players of legal age located within the borders of the state play for real money, and that 15% of the gross income from gambling is forwarded to the state government. The state regularly conducts audits of all funds received by each operator from all gambling ventures.

Since legalization of gambling, NJ’s economy has flourished, which tells you the future for this venture is bright.