10 Casino Roulette Myths

10 Casino Roulette Myths

Roulette not only offers a unique gaming experience but also has different betting options to pick from. It is a classic table game that has existed for years. Due to its popularity, the game is surrounded by so many myths. Before you play roulette online, it is good to understand the myths and distinguish them from facts. Here are some of them.

  • Roulette comes in only one form

Some people assume that the simplicity of this game makes it hard to create different versions. On the contrary, experts have come up with various roulette versions.

  • All the roulette types have a similar house edge

As you play roulette versions, you should focus on the house advantage. Some people assume that the house edge in the different games is the same. This is false since each version has a unique house edge.

  • The rigging of roulette wheels is possible

You may have seen magnets being used to modify the roulette wheels on TV shows. This does not happen in reality since reputable sites cannot rig roulette wheels.

  • The dealer can control the landing of the ball

Though the dealer opens the game and releases the ball, they do not have control over where the ball will land. You should, therefore, play roulette games confidently.

  • Players should maintain the same bet types

Sticking to the same strategy is not wise. It is always good to try out different bet types as you play roulette from a land-based site.

  • You can beat roulette by using a strategy

Even though a strategy can increase your chances of winning a roulette game, it does not guarantee consistent wins.

  • The devil inspired this game

Some people believe that the devil inspired the mathematician that came up with this game. They assume this since the numbers in the roulette game tally to 666. This is a myth.

  • If you are winning in the game, you are likely to continue winning

This assumption makes players over-confident. Each spin wheel in roulette is random, and there is no guarantee that the winning streak will last throughout your gameplay.

  • Numbers that do not show up regularly are likely to show up

For you to play roulette like an expert, you should avoid making such assumptions since they are not true. The roulette wheel is random.

  • The European and French roulette versions are the same

These versions are not the same. They have different numbers on the roulette wheel.

Can you beat the casino at blackjack?

Can you beat the casino at blackjack?

In gambling, not every player gets lucky and wins. You can, however, have a better chance of winning if you choose to play blackjack. This is because the game does not solely depend on luck. Your skills in this game can help you beat the casino. Though the house has to make profits, beating the casino is possible with the right techniques, Here are a few of them that you should try.

  • Focus on the soft 17

When you choose a table where the dealer stands on the soft 17, you can quickly boost your bankroll. This can reduce the house edge and give you a better chance of beating the house.

  • Let the dealer’s face-up card guide your moves in blackjack

For you to play blackjack variants like an expert, you have to make moves based on the dealer’s card. If the dealer has a card such as 4, the best move would be to stand. This can make it easy for you to beat the dealer. If the card of the dealer is a six and you have an ace, you should double down. Do this unless one of your cards is a soft 20. If you don’t have a soft 20 or 19 and the dealer’s face-up card is a 5, you should also double down.

  • Use the right betting patterns

For you to play blackjack games, you need to follow a specific betting pattern. If you are not used to this casino game, you can choose to bet the same amount for every hand. As soon as you understand how to play blackjack hands, you can adjust the betting patterns. Decide whether you should be an aggressive or conservative player.

  • Set betting limits and avoid going beyond them

As you play blackjack online, it is vital to have betting limits to avoid spending more money than you intended to. Do not start playing this game before you set a precise amount you are willing to gamble with. If you keep on losing on the first games, you should not chase your losses since this can lead to bankruptcy.

Top Online Casino Games New Jersey

Top Online Casino Games New Jersey

Gambling fans who choose to play NJ online casino games describe the experience as one of a kind. Casinos in New Jersey work with great software developers who have been creating games for decades. This makes it possible for you to gain access to various games that you can play at any time. If you are searching for the best NJ online casino games, you can start with the options below.

  • Craps

This is an exciting casino game that most people love. To the newbies, the table may seem confusing at first, but you can quickly get used to it. You can get the best experience by playing craps from the highly recommended sites.

Before you play this game, you need to get familiar with the different types of bets. The craps table presents different betting possibilities that can lead to substantial wins. Apart from the craps table, this game works on the concept of rolling a dice. You should also get familiar with the unique rules of this game and pick the right strategy to reduce the house edge.

  • Video poker

If you prefer legal NJ online casino games that involve both luck and skill, you should try video poker. This game is not as complicated as people assume. You only need to understand the basic poker hands for you to start enjoying the game. Online, this game is often played on a machine that is computerized. You can pick from the different video poker variants available, starting with the popular Jacks or Better.

  • Blackjack

For decades now, blackjack has remained one of the unmatched NJ online casino games that gain global attention. It is a distinct table game that involves a simple strategy and a bit of luck. Most people find the rules of blackjack quite straightforward and easy to learn. With the right strategies, you can lower the house edge significantly and gain the upper hand in the game. This is one of the unique NJ online casino games that allow you to play against the dealer rather than the rest of the players.

Slot tips 2020

Slot tips 2020

The New Year brings hope to slot lovers. If you are looking to make more profit from playing NJ slots this year, then you need to pay attention to some useful tips from professional gamblers. It is a good time to reflect on the lousy gambling habits you may have had in the past and make changes for you to gain more profits this year. Follow these tips below and enjoy playing online NJ slots.

  • Spare some few dollars each week for gambling

If you are a frequent slot player, you can start saving something each week for you to have enough cash for your next game. Saving prevents you from spending money carelessly and helps you budget better.

  • Make use of promotions

Most of the casinos that offer the best NJ slots have exciting promotions. Some of the promotions come in the form of tournaments, double point days, or even special drawings. You can get some extra cash from utilizing such promotions.

  • Assess your bankroll

A random slot game has a lot of fluctuations that can affect your gameplay. Sometimes, you may find yourself losing more than you win or vice versa. For you to be prepared for such occurrences, you should ensure that you have enough cash that can last through the losing period. This prevents you from going bankrupt as you play casino NJ slots.

  • Choose the best games

Even if the new slots games that a site offers can be quite irresistible, sometimes it is good to go with the best slots. This can save you time since you are probably familiar with how to play them. Ensure you check the list of the top 5 slots. These games are often ranked highly since they probably have a good interface and great features.

  • Only engage in the leading NJ slots while rested

Have you had a long day and would like to play slots from your favorite site? You should consider resting since fatigue can lead to poor decision making. Do not play while you are tired or intoxicated since your mind is not sharp enough to think critically.